Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cameron and the Royal Wedding

I didn't think I had anything to blog about the Royal Wedding. My blog is about Cameron and our family so how could Kate and Wills wedding get involved. However as I wandered about the house this morning I started to giggle about Cameron and the Royal Wedding.
The broadcast started at 3.30pm, with the bride due to arrive at 6pm, so I sat here with the kids watching guests with dubious hats arriving whilst playing Guess Who with one and massaging the feet of the other. It's was Cameron's smelly feet I was rubbing. Cameron seemed quite content to watch all the guests walking into the church. We all lost focus during some of the long interviews and consequently did a bit of channel hopping looking for more exciting action.

Eventually we settled on the ABC's broadcast and watched as William and Harry left Clarence House and arrived at the church. Cameron continued to sit here and watch. I answered a few emails and Cameron continued to watch. Zoe wandered off to another TV and Cameron continued to watch.

Finally the Bride stepped out of her car in her beautiful dress and by now Cameron wasn't going anywhere even the arrival of his Auntie and food didn't move him off his seat for longer than a couple of minutes - he really likes food. (and his Auntie)

The wedding service began and whilst us girls sat here discussing beautiful and not so wonderful fashion decisions by some of the guests Cameron sat eating and watching.

Finally the newly married couple appeared on the steps of the church and Cameron's attention seemed to increase. They climbed into their carriage and took off waving to the crowds and Cameron waved back to them. He waved and he waved. He was clearly enjoying his first royal wedding and felt very much a part of proceedings. His smile was huge.

He watched the families arrive at Buckingham Palace and even sat through us channel surfing again as we waited for the much awaited Royal Kiss.

Finally the doors opened and out they came, Cameron watched as William and Catherine stood on the balcony waving to the crowds and he waved back to them. He was so excited and if I remember correctly he clapped a few times too, clearly he approved of the kiss.

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