Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter Egg Escapades

There are times when living with Cameron cracks me up. I'll tell you about the first time he locked me outside the house another day but being that we have just had Easter and Cameron is convinced that he should consume every Easter Egg in the house I have been reminded of some of the funny Easter stories I have about him.

Cameron's first Easter was spent in ICU  and we were given so many Easter Eggs that I kept the nursing staff in chocolate for about a month. Cameron's second Easter was wonderful, he thoroughly enjoyed his first Easter Egg as you can see at the top of this post.

From his third Easter until last year every time Cameron touched a wrapped Easter Egg everyone would yell, 'Stop' because he would consume the egg and wrapper every time, unless someone unwrapped it for him. It didn't matter if it was a tiny egg or a big egg - chomp - wrapper and chocolate. It wasn't his fault, he just didn't understand and his fine motor skills just weren't refined enough to peel an egg. Usually I'd end up with a chocolately, mushy wrapper that we usually had to fish out of his mouth whilst being bitten.

Those fine motor skills have really improved over the last 12 months and this year he has snuck several eggs, unwrapped them, abandoned the wrapper and wandered through the house munching the egg. Unless I've bumped into him I've found the abandoned wrapper and then headed off around the house in search of the egg. It's like a back to front Easter Egg hunt.

This year he's been trying to steal an Easter gift for someone else's child, I've lost count of how many times I have walked into my bedroom and found him standing there trying to figure out how to break into the packaging. I don't like my chances of getting it to the recipient in it's original condition and I say this because .........

One Easter I had put a  big AFL Easter Egg at the front door so I didn't forget to give it to our friends children when they popped by that afternoon. There was a locked door between Cameron and the egg so I didn't give it another thought until about 30mins before our friends arrived. I don't know how Cameron got to the other side of the locked door but there he was with a very chocolatey, satisfied grin. There was not a crumb of chocolate left to give the guests so I just had to stand there with the box in my hand and a sincere apology.

Most eggs don't last very long with Cameron, they head straight for his mouth as soon as he receives them, unless their rescued. Chocolate Bunnies become instantly disabled with crushed legs and eggs crumble under his strong enthusiastic grasp. This year the Easter Bunny brought a large, hundreds and thousands covered egg and within minutes he was standing there loving every bite, until we stopped him. Yes, there were hundreds and thousands everywhere but it was worth it to see the smile on his face.

However my favourite Easter Egg story is about 4 years old when Zoe discovered that she was the brains and Cameron was the brawn. One morning I woke up to the sound of happy children in the kitchen. Something was not right. Upon inspection I found two very happy children sitting on the kitchen floor enjoying an Easter Egg picnic. Zoe knew that the Easter Eggs had been put at the top of the pantry and she couldn't reach them so she showed Cameron where they were and encouraged him to retrieve them for her. He was rewarded with a chocolatey breakfast feast. Clever!

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