Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 4

Suddenly the room grew away from me. All the people, the bed and my baby were so far away I could no longer hear them. My ears felt like they were full of cotton wool. A nurse turned  and before I knew what was happening we were whisked out of the room and into a small side room. The nurse sat us both down and uttered the one line I have never forgotten - '├Łou can't get sick, you have to stay strong for your baby.'

I often wonder why we let them remove us from the room, I wanted to be with my baby but we were no longer living in a world we knew. We had no idea what was gong on or what was about to happen. We were given drinks and left to wait. I have no memory of that wait, I think sometimes our minds protect us by erasing certain memories but as I write this the emotion of that situation is overwhelming me.

Finally we were told that Cameron had been stabilized and he was ready to be tansferred to the ambulance. The RFDS doctor who had flown us to Kalgoorlie announced that he wanted to stay with his patient and take us through to Perth. This caused some discussion and disagreement.I suddenly needed to go to the toilet - I'd been drinking coffee since we'd arrived and being that we were about to fly to Perth a bathroom stop was essential.

The staff started to transfer Cameron to the ambulance and then our next problem arose - what do we do with our car. By now my sister was home from work so Michael collected her and they drove out to the airport while Cameron and I drove out in the ambulance.

My sister watched as they wheeled Cameron out of the ambulance and across the tarmac and told us later that Cameron looked so tiny on the big bed, all coverd in white - he looked dead.

We met the pilot who enquired about our luggage. We had 3 small bags - we were only going to Kalgoorlie for a couple of nights, we were going to be home for Easter. He was relieved, apparently people want to take large suitcases on the RFDS planes and there isn't enough space. We all climbed aboard, Michael sitting up with the pilot and me sitting at the back of the plane, I felt like I was tucked into a corner. The doctor and nurse sat in the middle with Cameron and all the machines.

We took off not knowing when we would return or what was coming.

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