Friday, 29 April 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 5

I was incredibly cold as I sat there in the plane totally lost and confused. The pilot noticed and gave me his jacket. Michael was totally distracted with the pilot to talk to, the cockpit to investigate and the view to take in. I sat watching as the doctor and nurse monitored Cameron and exchanged cryptic comments which the pilot picked up on and asked about. Everything was glossed over, everything was fine, nothing to worry about. Hmmmm.

Finally we landed and much to my shock it was dark. I had completely lost track of time. We taxied into the RFDS hanger to where an ambulance was waiting for us with a taxi. It was explained to us that the ambulance did not have space for all of us so Michael and I were going in the taxi. I panicked. I didn't want to be seperated from Cameron but we had no choice we needed to move quickly.  Cameron was transferred to the ambulance, we jumped into the taxi and took off following the ambulance down the freeway.

This was our home town, we'd been down to visit only a few months earlier. My brain started to disbelieve what I was seeing. How could I be here, I'd been at home this morning, life was normal this morning - what was happening? You don't get up and decide to be in Perth that night, it takes planning, packing, organizing. It was dark, the city lights were twinkling on the river and I just wanted to close my eyes and wish myself home. But my eyes didn't leave the ambulance, my stomach was in knots. Was Cameron alive? Was he okay? What was happening in there? I was scared.

We pulled into the hospital emergency carpark and quickly rejoined Cameron and the RFDS crew. We went into emergency, through the waiting room with eveyone staring at us and straight to the lifts. From the lift we went straight through to ICU and that is where we were stopped. Cameron went on without us and we were shown to a seat. Panic again, where are they taking him? What is happening? Why can't we go with him? We just had to wait.

I have no idea if we waited 5 mins or an hour. Time no longer made sense. Finally a doctor came and sat down with us and explained that Cameron was having a lumber puncture amongst other tests and he was being settled into his bed. He described what we were going to see when we went into his room in an attempt to cushion the shock. However we couldn't go in yet, again we had to wait.

Hospital staff came and went processing paperwork and organizing accomodation for us in the hospital.  We retold our story so many times that it became tedious. Did we want to be a public or private patient? I don't know, I don't want to be either, I want to go home. We were polite and calm whilst lost and bewildered.

Michael's family were there to support us but eventually they left, there was nothing they could do. We were shown our accomodation and by now the fear of going into ICU  and dealing with whatever was in there was growing quite strong. We decided to hide in our room, it felt safe, and asked if they would let us know when we were able to go in to Cameron. But the waiting became unbearable so back we went to the seats.

Finally the doors opened and it was time to go in. There were mixed emotions of relief and fear. What were we going to see when we walked around that corner? Holding each other for strength we took a deep breathe and walked around the corner.


  1. I will never forget the first time I saw my children in the NICU, it was one of the scariest of my life.

    I can't stop reading, but I need to get my boy off to kindy hehe.

  2. I hope you weren't late for Kindy.