Monday, 16 May 2011

1,2,3, Let Go

Cameron likes to shake hands. This is a relatively new skill for Cameron. He learnt it last year and now he shakes hands whenever and where ever he can.

There's only one problem - he doesn't know when to let go. He will hang onto the persons hand until you pry him off. Pulling doesn't work and a firm grip doesn't work, sometimes you have to get very physical with him to let the poor person go. The handshake recipient usually smiles and says - it's fine - but it's not fine. Cameron needs to learn what is appropriate and what is not.

Handshakes are not the only uncomfortable social situation Cameron gets us into he also likes to touch watches, name tags and necklaces. Now, picture this - he meets a woman he doesn't know and he immediately reaches out to touch her name tag. Think about this. What part of the female anatomy are most name tags sitting on? That's right - the bust. Embarassing for all concerned, except Cameron.

Necklaces, also  sit just above the bust and many times I have had to make a mad dash for a strangers cleavage to stop Cameron's hand getting there first.

Cameron has huge difficulty understanding appropriate social interactions. If he loves you he wants to hug you and kiss you and sit very close to you. Sometimes that means sitting on you. He touches the people he likes but he will also touch total strangers. Most people are very kind and brush it off but I have been in shops when people have swung around ready for a fight and I have had to talk fast and apologize even faster.

Cameron doesn't get embarassed, well that's not true, we have seen him blush on a few occassions over a pretty girl but he certainly doesn't get embarassed about social interactions. He thinks the whole world should like him and as a general rule most people do fall under Cameron's spell but he has to learn to act appropriately and that includes letting go when he shakes someone's hand.
Cameron - 1 shake, 2 shakes, 3 shakes and let go!

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