Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cam Can Thread

A few days ago we had some friends visit us. One of our friends is a gorgeous little girl who delighted in exploring our play area. She discovered a tub of cotton reels and cord for threading. She played for a while and then moved on, as they do at her age.

Cameron had obviously been watching her and after we had packed up, of course, he decided he was going to give threading a go. This is a skill that therapists and teaching staff have tried to teach him with absolutely no success. I have always said that Cameron will do things when he is good and ready and this was one of those situations.

He picked up a cotton reel and a piece of cord and tried to thread a knot through the reel. I undid the knot and he tried again. This time the cord was frayed and he was getting frustrated so I found a cord with a solid end and he tried again. Carefully he focused and eventually pushed the cord through the centre of the reel. I couldn't believe it, he'd done it. He threaded another and another. He actually knew what he was doing, this wasn't a fluke. What a champion!

This may seem like such a simple task and a frivilous thing to get excited about but when your child has been trying to do something for over 12 years, it is huge. Fine motor skills have been so hard for Cameron to learn and because of this he has had trouble with learning how to use cutlery, learn sign language, put on his own shoes, open his school bag and lots of other things you and I take for granted.

I was so proud of him that when our friends left I went back inside and took a photo.
Well done Cam!

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