Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Marvellous Man is Home

It has been a really long couple of weeks in our house.  My Marvellous Man has been away for work. I am so glad he is home and things can settle back down to what we call normal.

We are a team and when one of us is missing it is so much harder for the other one to cope. The fear of a seizure happening whilst he has been gone has been horrible and I have missed the physical and emotional support. We discuss most things and plan strategies around how we will cope. We hold each other when it all goes wrong and laugh together when it dawns on us just how ridiculous our lives can get.

When one of us is down or weak the other is always up and strong and that is how it has always been. We will carry each other until life regains balance. I don't know how we would manage if we didn't.

Sometimes you just can't face another dirty pair of pants or you just don't have the energy for the teeth battle or your tact has left the building and you have no idea how to get the medicine in the mouth and down the throat - we tag team. Sometimes we will hear the other one become frustrated and we will move in and take over before things escalate.

Because I am, supposedly, a stay at home Mum I spend the majority of my time with the children and can become frazzled by the end of a particularly hard day. It usually only takes a few seconds inside the front door for My Marvellous Man to realize that I need rescuing. Actually, sometimes he can hear that I need rescuing from his car. He will sweep in and give me a hug, redirect the drama and send me off for a little time out or redirection. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh face.

My Marvellous Man is so marvellous that he pushes me out the door to take time for myself. He knows I need to get away and recharge my batteries. He is also our family chef and he keeps us well fed with very yummy food.

Some people don't approve of how we run our household but we are very much a united front who can deal with anything by embracing our individual abilities and always being there for each other. My Marvellous Man can do anything I can do, he cooks, cleans, washes and is even improving his hair plaiting skills. Nothing is his job or mine except that if you want to eat well it is probably better if Daddy cooks and My Little Angels hair will probably look better if I do it.

I am so lucky to have found my soul mate. He gives me the strength to move forward and embrace my life which is a little different to how I envisioned it 21 years ago when I said - I do.

I could go on and on but as my blog grows I am sure you will see why My Marvellous Man is so Marvellous and why I am so happy to have him home with us.


  1. Hi I am a mama of 4, i just came across your blog, and have only read a few, I just lost my son Cameron 2 months ago, which peaked my interest to your sweet Cameron:) I was 8 months pregnant and he was stillborn.
    I just wanted to say that you are a great Mommy:)
    And I praise the Lord for giving you your wonderful men in your life!
    I really appreciate your blog of the support you have in your husband, I am glad you are so bless and so is Cameron:)

  2. I am so sorry you lost your Cameron. I can not imagine the level of grief you must be experiencing. So sad.

    I feel very drawn to other Cameron's, it's funny, must be something about the name.

    Thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy reading more of my blog.