Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Toileting Trauma

This morning started off okay. I was up and tidying my house because I had a visitor coming. The children were sleeping so I was getting a lot done. Cameron woke up and he was content to stand and listen to his music while looking at a book so I didn't stress and finished what I was doing before getting him into a shower. First mistake.

I wasn't that long but when I got back he was standing in the middle of the room with his pyjamas and pull ups around his ankles, poo spilling out everywhere and he'd got his own wipes and clean nappy. My immediate reaction was to yell - Don't Move!

I cleaned up Cam, cleaned up the carpet and on the way to the shower dropped wet clothes into the washing machine and a smelly bag into the bin. Cameron had his shower and in between soaping and rinsing I stripped his bed and got his linen washing. Meanwhile My Little Angel is sleeping peacefully. Aren't they angelic when they are asleep?

Cameron got out of the shower and I dressed him. He wandered off to crank up the music and rip up a book. I ran around finishing my housework, cleaning the bathroom and toilet and vacuuming. I vacuumed Cameron's room and everything was fine. I finished vacuuming and went to convince Cameron that he had to eat something and take his medication. Oh dear! You should always expect trouble when the child is too quiet.

I walked into the room to find Cameron at his chest of drawers with a clean pull up in his hand and a funny look on his face. I'd dressed him only a short time before so he shouldn't have needed a dry pair of pants. Wrong!

On closer inspection I discovered poo on the inside of his t-shirt, on the inside and all the way down his shorts and down his legs, past his knees. To say I reacted calmly would be an understatement. Then I noticed the newly filled wipes box which was now pulled out and all over the place.

It was one of those times when you just stand there not knowing where to start. He wasn't happy and nor was I. A tip for if you are ever in this situation - you roll the t-shirt backwards/inside out, thus trapping the offending mess inside the roll. That way you can get the t-shirt over the head but not in the hair. That achieved I started on the shorts when a horrible thought hit me - he obviously was fixing this himself, was he in the toilet?

Again, it was not one of my finer moments. I'd just finished cleaning the toilet and there was now poo everywhere, all over the toilet, light switch and wall. 15yr old toddlers can reach high places. My immediate thought was - I have a guest due now - I grabbed the wipes and cleaned up the mess in the toilet then I went back to Cameron who hadn't moved, thank goodness.

It took a while but eventually I got him clean but not without a few frustrated screams from him and me. One problem is pubescent hair. It gets caught when you're trying to clean him up. Plus he is male and is fairly hairy.Very difficult.

Eventually we had Cameron, the bedroom floor and the toilet all clean again. Then it was time for a hug because we'd both got upset and needed to calm down. It's not his fault and if I'm calm and in the right frame of mind I can cope with anything but if I'm rushed and not coping, these types of situations don't go too smoothly.

Whilst all this was happening My Little Angel saw how upset I was and came in and gave me a few calming words of encouragement before going off to the kitchen and making breakfast for us. Toasted raisin, cinnamon toast. She is such an angel.

I had finished this blog and was proof reading it when My Little Angel said Cameron needed me. I said I'd be a minute but Cameron didn't have a minute he came walking out with both legs in one leg hole of a new pair of pants. He'd decided it was time to change his pants but at least this time they were only wet and so were his shorts.

To be honest, I couldn't keep a straight face and nor could my house guest who has known Cameron his whole life but not this view of him. He was standing there with t-shirt on and nothing else but the pull up stuck at his knees. I don't think the new brand of pull ups I was trialling today has been too successful.


  1. You have so given me something to look forward to. .... at least you find a way to smile through it!

  2. You have to smile - it's an essential survival tip.