Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Mystery of the Extra Pair of Wet Pants

This morning when Cameron woke up he came into our bedroom and we went straight into the ensuite for his shower, and all the usual drama that a shower entails. After the shower I followed him back to his bedroom to help him get dressed and was surprised to find a wet pair of pants on the floor. Surely I hadn't left them there last night? I wouldn't have done that. Did I? I'd taken a wet pair of pants from the ensuite and put them in the bin so where did this pair come from?

I binned the mystery pants and started getting things out to dress Cameron. When I opened the drawer to get a new pair of pants there weren't any left. Well that was strange, there was definitely another pair of pants in there last night. Slowly the thought started to creep into my mind - Did Cameron change himself during the night? That would be a first, but his bed was wet and ......................... I didn't know what to think so I decided to accept what was. I congratulated him on changing his pants by himself, told him how wonderful he was and that if he could do that then he could dress himself. I laid out his t-shirt, shorts and pull ups and sat down on his bed to watch. He looked bemused but proceeded to shove my feet out of the way so he could sit down and tackle his underpants.

Meanwhile Our Little Angel had joined us and started to ask strange questions like - So, there was a pair of wet pants hey? There were pants in his drawer last night, definitely. He changed himself, hey? Good boy! All the time with a funny look on her face. Meanwhile Cameron could not figure out which way was up with his pants so he hadn't even got to the part where he always puts both legs in the ame leg hole.

I sat there and watched hoping that he would figure it out, he wasn't getting frustrated and we had plenty of time. Suddenly with a huge grin Our Little Angel announced, I changed him. He was up in the night, probably at 11 or 12 or something and I said, do you want to change your pants,  because he was taking off his clothes, so I helped him. Mystery solved.

She is such an angel. She knew I was tired so she changed Cameron who is double her size and put him back to bed. It must have been in the wee small hours of the morning while it was still dark which  makes it doubley impressive since she doesn't like the dark.

Mind you, it's a worry, The monitor that connects Cameron's room and ours was working and connected when I woke up this morning so I slept through the whole thing whilst they were talking and moving about. Lucky my angel is on the ball.

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