Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Passionate Kiss

We are a family who kiss and hug each other to show our affection and we kiss and hug our extended family and close friends. This is the environment Cameron has grown up in, watching us all and receiving kisses.

Cameron has learnt that kissing and hugging is a way to express his love and affection for someone he loves but for Cameron kissing has been quite a difficult skill to learn and perfect.

His first kisses were light and tentative because Cameron had to learn how to control his lips and head. As Cameron learnt to control his lips his kisses became stronger and sloppy. They could last for a very long time because he had trouble lifting his head away from yours. You usually had to wipe the saliva off your face afterwards.

Once Cameron had learnt how to kiss he then had to learn about appropriateness. He started to notice the world around him and how others kissed. I started to realize that his kisses were getting longer and stronger.

The day I realized he had probably been a little too observant was the day I got quite a shock. We were laying together watching TV and he turned around and kissed me. That was not a problem but it was how he kissed me that was troubling. The kiss was long and strong and passionate. I almost fell off the couch, I had that knot in my stomach telling me this was wrong - very wrong.

Poor Cameron didn't understand, he was just letting me know that he loved me and he was enjoying watching TV with me but it's not appropriate to passionately kiss your mother, it had to stop. I had to  push him away. He was clearly confused.

This may sound a little strange considering Cameron's abilities but there are times when I sit him down and explain things to him. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I sat Cameron down and explained to him that he couldn't kiss me like Daddy kissed me or like girlfriends and boyfriends kiss each other. That was wrong.

Cameron only needed a couple more pushed away kisses and then he understood and he hasn't tried to passionately kiss me again. His kisses now say 'I love you' or 'thank you' and they are just strong enough and just long enough. In fact his kisses are just perfect.

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