Sunday, 8 May 2011

What Do These Three Things Have In Common?

So, can you figure out what milk, a fruit pack and a packet of frozen corn have in common?

It's really quite simple and a lesson for me in stopping and listening properly when My Little Angel tells me something. I do listen to My Little Angel but I think sometimes when I am rushed I hear and process later. Shame I didn't process a bit quicker this morning.

We were running around getting ready to get out the door this morning for horseriding. Riding for the Disabled is one of the highlights of Cameron's week and My Little Angels. I will tell you all about the miracles of  Riding for the Disabled another time.

We'd had a bit of a sleep in and in order to get out the door on time I was cheating a little with breakfast. I'd got medicine into Cameron and left him with a fruit pack and a cup of milk while I was getting socks, drink bottles and jackets organized.

I came back to find Cameron heading into the lounge room with the cup of milk and I knew that would lead to yet another disaster for the carpet so I stopped him. He got upset and difficult because he wanted to walk around with a cup of milk and couldn't see why he couldn't. I got frustrated because we were in a hurry and took the milk off him. Meanwhile My Little Angel happened to mention that Cameorn had spilt the juice from his fruit pack, well that was what I heard. I presumed she meant on the bench top where Í'd left him.

I headed into the ktichen to deal with the milk and next thing I knew I was screaming and slamming onto the tiles. I hate tiles! I do not understand everybody's love of tiles in their kitchens. We inherited the tiles when we bought the house and when we can afford it, they will be gone - I hate them.

My Little Angel came running when she heard me scream and she rounded the corner to find me sitting on the floor leaning against the fridge in a puddle of milk, bawling my eyes out. I was in pain! The thought did cross my mind that I should pull it together and be strong for the kids but I couldn't, it hurt too much. I also wondered if I'd broken my leg and after a couple of minutes I braved up and moved my leg. I appeared to be still in one piece. Zoe grabbed a packet of frozen corn out of the freezer for me to put on my knee.

In our house we are forever mopping up spills and wee so I have about 20 old towels in the laundry cupboard. My Little Angel picked her way through to the laundry, grabbed some towels and started mopping up the puddle. Meanwhile Cameron had arrived and decided that I needed a steady stream of tissues to dry my eyes, he was most concerned. Then the penny dropped when My Little Angel said, 'I did tell you Cameron had spilt the juice.'  If only I had listened more carefully I would not have been sitting on the floor in a puddle of milk in pain. Cameron passed tissues and I sobbed - the corn brought out a lovely black bruise on my knee.

My Little Angel was concerned about two things. Me and whether we were still going to riding. I wanted to call and say we weren't coming, I wanted to crawl up onto the lounge and stay there but instead I pulled out my Supermum cape and after 15 minutes I dragged myself up and hobbled out to see if I could drive. We got to riding and home again and then I crawled up onto the lounge and stayed there for the afternoon, pondering why I didn't stop for one second and listen to My Little Angel this morning. Some times the universe is very effective in teaching us lessons.

So now you know what milk, a fruit pack and frozen corn have in common. Pain!


  1. So where was the medic when you needed him! Do you now have matching arm and leg bruises???

  2. Yes, I now have two bruises and both on the same side of my body. Honestly, you'd think I'd look after myself a bit better, wouldn't you.

    Even when the medic was here for the first bruise he didn't rush to my assistance. Hopefully when I really do some damage he'll be around and awake.