Sunday, 1 May 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 8

It was hard to wake Michael, he was tired and confused. I eventually got him up and focused and we headed back to speak to the doctor. We were shown into the doctors office and sat down together on a couch facing the doctor. He had the scan pictures to show us.

It was one of those very serious doctor conversations. He explained that the scan was to assess if there had been damage caused by the seizure activity the day before that had started when we had pulled over on the side of the road and had finally stopped at about midnight. He showed us the scans and pointed out large black patches all over Cameron's brain. This was damaged brain tissue. He said that there was a possibility some of the black patches were swelling but they didn't think it was and explained why.

We sat there listening and trying to comprehend what he was telling us. Finally he spelt it out, Cameron had brain damage. There was a stunned silence and then Michael broke down. He collapsed on my shoulder and sobbed. I sat there and realized that I couldn't fall apart too, someone had to ask questions and support Michael. As I held Michael and tried to comfort him I asked the doctor questions and tried to make sense of it all. What does this mean? Will he get better? What is affected? Will he walk? Will he talk? Can we do anything? Did we do something wrong? What do we do now? What does this mean for our future? I became very practical which overrode my emotions.

The doctor tried to answer my questions but brain damage in a child so young is difficult. Even today people will still not commit to what areas of Cameron's brain is damaged. He told us that we would need a lot of medical and therapy support but he couldn't make any predictions or promises we just had to wait and see. He told us that even if we had been in the city it was quite possible that Cameron would be in the same situation. Everyone had handled the situation as well as possible and it was nobody's fault. We will never know why Cameron got Meningitis.

He left us to absorb what had just happened and we sat there holding each other in total shock with a million thoughts and questions swirling around in our brains. Finally we pulled ourselves together and went back in to Cameron. We stood there next to him in disbelief of what had just happened.

I have no memory of what happened for the rest of that day. I know Michael's family came in because there is a photo of them taken with Cameron. My sister must have arrived during the afternoon because the drive down is only 6 hours. We must have made a call home to let our friends know the news. I know the scan was placed on the viewing screen on the wall in Cameron's room because I can remember showing people the scan and the black dead patches of brain and I remember doctors and nurses talking to Michael's family and trying to explain what had happened. I think Michael went and had more sleep and I know that I slept the night shift because in the morning my parents arrived and I have a vivid memory of how I reacted.


  1. I have a photo of Cameron that day but my blog refuses to let me upload it.

  2. I've now been able to put photos from ICU on to some of my posts.