Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cam Can Cut

This afternoon Cameron displayed a new skill I didn't know he had been developing. Cameron can cut!

I didn't  know Cameron could cut. The last time I saw him attempt to use a pair of scissors he was clumsy, not co-ordinated and ripped the paper after it became stuck in the scissors. We are always careful not to leave scissors lying around the house because it is dangerous to have Cameron walking around with a pair of scissors, someone is bound to get stabbed.

Yesterday was a very hectic and crazy day in our household and I have to be honest and admit that it was me who left a pair of scissors sitting on my dressing table in my bedroom. This afternoon after school I walked into my bedroom to find Cameron standing next to the dressing table with the scissors in his hands.

Something wasn't right. I glanced down and realized there were pieces of card scattered all over my dressing table.Then I realized that one of the Easter cards which had been sitting on my dressing table was missing. Actually it wasn't missing it was redesigned into many small differently shaped pieces. Card and envelope! Please don't ask me why I have Easter cards sitting on my dressing table in June. All I am saying is ..... it's been a strange year.

Cameron has learnt how to use scissors properly. I'm not sure when this happened but clearly he has progressed from jamming the paper to successfully snipping. Now we are going to have to be even more paranoid about hiding the scissors because nothing will be safe.

This story reminds me of the first year I was teaching. I was teaching Pre-Primary and on the first day I had a table set up with scissors and magazines so I could assess the children's scissors skills. The next morning I had a Mum come and tell me that her son had never touched scissors before his first day of school and he had obviously enjoyed his first experience a lot. He had gone home and cut up his bedspread, curtains and sheets.

I am now having visions of Cameron cutting up our house.


  1. Hehe. I remember when Paul first learned to cut - we had to hide scissors too, until he learned what he was and wasn't allowed to cut. Now he can sit for hours cutting paper or lengths or yarn into tiny tiny pieces.

  2. I suspect we will be hiding scissors for years. We still can't leave him with books because he rips them up. My light at the end of the tunnel will be Paul.

  3. Yes, Paul used to rip up books, too. He still can't read and I really don't think he ever will be able to (although he does recongise certain word patterns) but these days he usually takes one of my books and has it with him "to read", just because it makes him feel like the rest of us, I suspect. Things started to click into place for him when he was in his early 20s, when he started to realise that if he did things in a certain way he was allowed to do them. Life became so much easier then for us all.

  4. My fingers are crossed that Cameron's abilities pick up in a few years. He's definitely improving at the moment.