Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cameron and the Chickens

Today Cameron discovered yet another thing that has been in his life for years but he has never noticed. Today he noticed that our friends have chickens.

For at least eleven years our friends have had chickens and Cameron hasn't paid any attention to the chickens until today. This morning as he confidently walked down their back steps he went straight over to look at the chickens as if they were a new addition.

Cameron decided the chickens looked hungry so he started to pull up the grass and feed the chickens.

 Our friend gave him some wheat to feed the chickens which he thoroughly enjoyed throwing over the fence but then he went straight back to pulling up the grass and throwing it over the fence again.

He stayed at the fence pulling up grass and feeding the chickens for about an hour before we dragged him inside out of the cold.  But then as the sun was setting Cameron headed back outside, into the cold, to feed the chickens again. I hope there's some grass left.


  1. Ahh.. grass grows back :) All it needs is water and sunlight.

    If you lot are ever down this way (south west, about 1.5hrs from Albany), drop in and Cameron can play with our dog, cat and feed our chickens :)

  2. Yeah, the grass will grow back. Shame he can't tell the difference between grass and weeds, I could hire him out.

    If we are ever down your way I will be sure to let you know. If you come up to Perth, let us know. It would be great to meet.