Saturday, 4 June 2011

Cameron and Mandurah Wildlife Rescue

This afternoon we went to the Pinjarra Festival. We had the best time, the kids really enjoyed themselves checking out the stalls and sampling some of the food. I found a potter (Peel Pottery Studio) who's pottery I fell in love with so I just had to buy myself a little something. My Marvelous Man sampled (drank) some wine which he just had to buy (Guess who had to drive home?) and My Little Angel went for a horse and carriage ride which she loved.

Cameron enjoyed eating his Churro (Spanish donut - yum!) and listening to the music and singers. He clapped along and on occasion sang along with them. He always shows his appreciation. He got to check out some old cars and couldn't believe it when I told him he was allowed to touch and look at the old truck. (No, not open the door and climb inside)

The highlight of our afternoon was visiting the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue stall. This organization run a Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Hospital with only volunteers and donations. It is truly amazing what this group have achieved and do every day. They take in orphaned and injured native animals and nurse them back to health in preparation for release back into the bush, if it is possible. Sadly some animals can not be released because they can no longer care for themselves so instead they find homes with caring families.

Our children got to do something very special. They were introduced personally to  one of the joeys that the carers have been looking after since he was a pinkie - Ollie. A pinkie is a baby kangaroo who is so small it is pink - no fur.

Cameron had to overcome his initial fear and after a few minutes was able to hand over hand, pat Ollie but he was happier for My Little Angel to hold Ollie which she did very willingly. Ollie was very co-operative and didn't even wiggle. Afterwards Cameron very eagerly donated towards this incredibly worthy cause.

Check out the fabulous pincer grip and posting ability - you have no idea how long it took to teach Cameron to hold something as small as a coin in his fingers and then to post things into small holes. I was very proud of him today for being so independent and eager to do this. 

If you have nothing to do tomorrow (5.6.2011) and live in Perth, Western Australia or the Mandurah/Peel area why don't you go to the Pinjarra Festival. It was full of fabulous food, lots of rides and fun for the children, really interesting and different stalls for the adults and non stop free entertainment. If you get to meet Jean Luc the magician, trust me, you will not figure out how he makes that pen disappear or that piece of rope suddenly become one long piece. He was standing one metre from me and I still couldn't figure out how he did it.

If you go to the Pinjarra Festival don't forget to visit the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue stall, you can't miss their bright orange uniforms, look for them near the stage. You can pat a joey (sorry, you won't be allowed to hold one - that was a very special treat for Cameron arranged by a very dear friend), you can see the tiny joey's in their baby capsules and even an owl. Don't forget to make a donation so they can help more beautiful animals like Ollie return to the bush and live their lives wild and happy. Say hi to Ollie for us.

If you would like to know more about the Mandurah Wildlife Rescue Organization check out their website -

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  1. What a lovely place that sounds. I love the photo of Cameron and your little angel with Ollie.

  2. What a great day. Love the pics. Can't wait to hear all about it from your little Angel. Sounds like everyone had an awesome time.

  3. Sue, you will have to take your family down next year. It really was a nice day.