Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 22

Now that we were on the ward we were allowed to have visits from our many family and friends.. Everyone wanted to see us so quite often we had multiple visitors in our room. In fact there were times when the nurses had to ask us to keep the noise down because the room was full and everyone was talking and catching up - rather noisily. Thinking about it, it was just as well we had a private room.

Cameron continued to sleep through all the noise, he wasn't ready to wake up yet. The staff would come and hide out in our room for some peace and quiet when we didn't have a room full of visitors.

There were times when there were so many people in our room all catching up with each other that I would just sit quietly and watch it all going on around me. I sometimes felt forgotten in all the noise and emotion. Nobody meant to forget about me but they were all talking about Cameron and sometimes I was all talked out.

One friend has told me about her visit. She caught a bus into the hospital and boarded the bus again on it's return trip. The bus driver asked her if everything was alright because she'd been so quick. She told me she was so upset to see Cameron and felt so helpless, she couldn't stay. She didn't come into the hospital again but stayed in contact through my mum.

In situations like this people don't know what to do to help so they will send flowers, a card, balloons, a gift or a message. There is nothing else they can really do.

We became inundated with flowers, cards and gifts, in particular - teddy bears. The well wishes came from far and wide across the country. I remember saying that Cameron had no option but to pull through  because he was being prayed for in churches of so many different religions across Australia and overseas. Everyone did what they believed in to try and help. It was almost palpable the love that poured into our room every day for our beautiful baby boy.

I saved every phone message, every card, every message written on a scrap of paper. It is overwhelming to read all the love that pours off the paper towards us. Everyone was in such pain at the news of Cameron's illness and most people were offering help in any way possible. I was even offered someones mother because the friend lived too far away to visit herself.

Our room was so colourful. Luckily Cameron was small, unable to move and didn't take up much room in his cot so we filled half his cot with all his cuddly gifts. Some people purposely chose gifts to try and stimulate Cameron and wake up his brain.

Reading through the many messages, cards and letters I realize that at the time I think I only absorbed fifty percent of what they said. I knew people were upset and cared but I don't think I realized how many people wanted to help. I hope I said thank you at the time but in case I didn't - THANK YOU.

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