Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cam Can Lick

This evening something magical happened. Cameron suddenly worked out how to lick.

We had a chocolate pudding for dessert and Cameron rather enjoyed his serve. So much so that he picked up his bowl, walked to the empty bowl on the kitchen bench and tried to serve himself more. I was tickled pink with that and encouraged him. I wandered off and came back and he was still trying to serve himself more.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him raise the serving spoon up to his mouth. He's never done this before so I encouraged him. He was trying to fit a large serving spoon into his mouth which even for him was a pretty big stretch so I suggested he try and lick the spoon.

I didn't expect him to lick the spoon. Cameron can't lick. When he licks he actually drags his bottom lip on what he is licking. Eating ice cream can be extremely painful to watch and I try to get him a cup with a spoon instead of a cone when we have an ice cream treat otherwise it melts and he misses out all together.

So this evening I encouraged him to lick and I demonstrated with exaggerated air licks and after a little while Cameron's tongue started to move past his lip. After lots more encouragement his tongue extended out and he actually licked the spoon.

He was very excited about what he was doing and I kept encouraging and demonstrating and that tongue kept coming out and licking the spoon. We had to scrape the bowl out a bit more because he ran out of chocolate to lick. I didn't even care that he was wearing a white t-shirt, I figured it was a sacrifice worth making but lo and behold he didn't get any chocolate on the t-shirt.

I am so proud of Cameron. Licking is a skill that people take for granted and yet when you watch Cameron you realize that it is not a skill to be taken for granted, it takes planning and muscle control and when it works it's magical.


  1. What a lovely post . Its great when they learn a new skill isn't it. Oh thats another leap forward for you both xx

  2. Lots of clapping for Cameron!

    You're so right about the skills most people take for granted and I doubt they'll ever really understand how wonderful it feels for us parents when our little ones (or big ones, whichever the case may be) do something that they probably never even noticed their child do for the first time.


  3. Oh bless! Don't you love that? My kids recently discovered the joy of eating and how it makes some foods taste better. Miss 8 now insists on eating anything creamy like yoghurt like a cat, lapping it up. I love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing my excitment.

    Bronnie, that is going to be an interesting phase - lapping. It's a skill.

    I really think these types of skills go mostly unnoticed in neurotypical children because they are achieving so much in such a short space of time and without any great effort.

    I am grateful that I notice these things as My Little Angel is developing but I have to admit - I don't remember when she learnt to lick.