Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cameron Invented a New Food

Today at lunch time it was cold and we had leftover chicken noodle soup in the fridge. The kids and I were on our own so I called out - "Everyone happy with nice warm chicken soup for lunch?" I received a "yes" back from My Little Angel so I went ahead and started to warm up the soup.

A minute later Cameron walked into the kitchen and went to the fridge, he opened the door, studied it's contents and proceeded to pulled out some left over pizza. I asked him if he wanted pizza for lunch and he nodded enthusiastically.

This may sound rather uneventful to you but for me I was standing in the middle of a miracle. Cameron has never really had any strong opinion on what he's eaten. He eats just about everything and if he doesn't like something he just doesn't eat it. If he has a choice he will generally want a bit of everything or the thing closest to him. Out of habit he will help himself to an apple if he's hungry and I'm not standing there to give him something.

Over the last few months we have realized that Cameron really likes sweet and sour pork when we have Chinese. He happily eats everything but when asked if he would like more he will always point to the sweet and sour pork with an enormous grin. Today he didn't want to settle for anything else, he wanted pizza, he wanted to make his own choice.

I told Cameron he needed a plate which after some assistance he got out of the cupboard and then he organized the pizza pieces for reheating. I warmed up his pizza and he happily sat and ate it while we ate our chicken noodle soup with a bread roll.

When Cameron was finished he took his plate to the kitchen but then I realized he was scanning the kitchen again. This time he decided on a bread roll. I was happy with that and told him he could have it. He seemed really pleased but then he went to the pantry and very quickly retrieved what he wanted - sprinkles! Cameron wanted fairy rolls, his version of fairy bread.

I was so pleased that he had made his own food choices I made him fairy rolls and he enjoyed every bite.

I suspect life is going to become very interesting now that Cameron has developed an opinion on what he wants to eat - how exciting!


  1. I love the idea of fairy rolls (although I've never heard of fairy bread). I bet Cam's going to come up with some interesting food combinations in the future :)

  2. Don't you have fairy bread in the UK? It is a food that almost no child's birthday party can be without.

    Very simple - fresh white bread spread with butter and then sprinkled liberally with 100's and 1000's or sprinkles. Then traditionally the bread is cut into 4 triangles.

    Kids love it and most adults also because it's sweet and brings back beautiful childhood memories.

    Cameron swapped the slice of bread for a bread roll. He also swapped a birthday party for a normal lunch.