Thursday, 7 July 2011

He Did What!?!

This morning while I was brushing my teeth My Marvellous Man wandered in and told me that Cameron had attempted to brush his teeth this morning.

"I'm sorry, what did you say????????????????????????"

For years brushing Cameron's teeth has been one of those jobs that we each would have preferred to not do. In fact if there is a choice I will chose the nappy over the teeth brushing.

We did all the things parents of young children do, using small soft toothbrushes to start and making teeth brushing a fun and relaxed time but it didn't take long for Cameron to decide he was no longer going to play along.

Cameron has a habit of jamming down his lips so you can not wedge a toothbrush into his mouth  between his teeth and lips. It is extremely difficult to brush the teeth of someone who's lips have become concrete. He clamps his jaw shut so you can't get behind the teeth either whilst screaming, growling and moving as far away from you as possible. It really is a headache in the making and there are days when I have to admit I have given up or not even tried because we were already having a challenging day. You have to pick your battles.

Many people have asked if we have tried an electric toothbrush and we have, several times and that was even worse because he didn't like the vibrating sensation. He liked it on his hand and in fact, anywhere else on his body but try to enter his mouth and you will be told exactly what he thinks of you. We have also tried different types of toothpastes and many, many different types of toothbrushes in varying styles, colours, sizes and shapes.

This year Cameron developed a new trick to stop the tooth brushing trauma. He raises his arms above his head. I know that doesn't sound like a problem but you try brushing someones teeth with their arms above their head - you can't do it because you need your arms to be in their shoulder area.

I'm afraid Cameron and I have had some rather horrendous times in the bathroom trying to get his teeth clean. Some days we end up both screaming at each other and we have both been in tears on occasion. I've found backing him into a wall and better still a corner is the best solution because it is more difficult for him to move his head and I have a better chance of restricting my moving target. I have been bitten on more than one occasion.

Cameron and I can get very stubborn and there are days when I will not be beaten and he will have his teeth brushed no matter what it takes. His teeth always look so much better and he is happy when we are finished however I am usually exhausted. But, no matter what, we always end with a hug to make us both feel better.

So you can imagine my shock this morning when I found out he had put the toothbrush in his mouth himself and then to add to the shock he did it again for me to see. I even got the photo to prove it. He never shows me something he has done for his Dad - it's a game he likes to play on me.


  1. I love it! Out of three boys only one (!) of them will willingly brush his teeth (which is good 'cause he's the one who is going to need dental work!). We've tried it all too. I tend to throw my hands up in despair over being a bad mommy more often than anything else. :-)

  2. That's great news. Paul is happy to attempt to brush his own teeth, but as he's not very good at it I have to do it for him, which he doesn't like. I have to admit, there are times when I give up because it's too much of a fight and I'm so tired of fighting. Other days I can be like you - very stubborn :)

  3. go Cameron... my son hates it too! Any battle that gets removed is a huge relief to everyone x

  4. Yeah Cameron!!! Go Jane...Go Jane... :)

  5. Thanks for sharing in the celebrations everybody. This morning he actually brushed and let me watch!!! Then he let me help him - another huge breakthrough. Mind you, he still clamped down his lips but not as hard as usual. I'm so proud of him.

  6. The things that the rest of us just take for granted.....amazing!