Saturday, 9 July 2011

Special Saturday - Music

If Cameron did not have music in his life I think he would be a very sad young man. His life is filled with music in so many ways and he would have more if he could.

In the days of BC (Before Cameron) I used to listen to music all the time so throughout my pregnancy there was always music being listened to in our home. My focus changed a little in the years since and silence became golden but this didn't remove music from his life.

Cameron singing in his music group concert

He was born to music and I wouldn't be surprised if his Grannie sang to him in his first few hours of life because she sings to him now any opportunity she can. She takes him to a special needs music and dance class and in the car she will sing scales to Cameron and encourage him to join her which he does in his own special way. Grannie also sings words to Cameron in a hope that his musical ear will delight in the sound and want to reproduce the word to hear the music.

I used to sing songs in the car to soothe Cameron when life became unbearable for him but then when life became unbearable for me I would turn up the radio and drown the car in music to distract both of us from the stress we called our life.

Cameron recognizes music in all it's forms and if he likes a piece of music he will join in with loud claps to keep the beat and a loud tenor voice singing along with one deep note. His smile glows as he immerses himself and he doesn't care if the music is an advertisement, a symphony orchestra or The Wiggles.

The Wiggles have been his musical companions for most of his life and he will sit for hours and hours watching them sing and joining in at the top of his voice until everyone else leaves the room and he can be left in peace to enjoy his friends.

Most of Cameron's toys play music and he responds to these toys the best. When he was young I became allergic to the sound of Old MacDonald's farm because that seemed to be the only song they put on toys fifteen years ago. Now we have a fabulous variety which Cameron adores.

When it comes to musical instruments Cameron loves pianos because he can play a piano, The musical output may be a little contemporary and maybe not to anybody elses taste but he thinks it's great to sit and play - VERY LOUDLY.

Lately Cameron's latest independence with music is his CD player. This year he suddenly realized he could operate his CD player by himself and we have been listening to VERY LOUD music ever since. Whenever Cameron feels like he has nothing to do he will go straight to his bedroom and crank up the music. He plays classical, rock, pop, children's nursery rhymes, he doesn't mind what but he does seem to have a preference for rock music - but what teenage boy doesn't?

Music is part of Cameron's life and without it he would not be as happy as he is. Music makes him calm and music makes him independent. Music makes him sociable and music makes him Cameron.


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm very happy to meet you and Cameron!

  2. What a lovely post Cameron certainly loves music.I hope the music he plays loud you like happy #specialsaturday to you

  3. Hi Tessa. I was really touched by your blog post and look forward to reading more. I hope you enjoy following along with our exploits.

  4. Hmmm that can some times be debatable Wendy. I think I can cope with anything if I don't have to hear it at full volume over and over again. I think I'm developing selective deafness.

  5. Don't forget I used to sing Hot Hot Hot and The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  6. And My Marvellous Man comes out of hiding.

    That's right, MMM used to sing both those songs to Cameron when he was a baby and it usually made him laugh. It would also distract him and comfort him when he was tired and upset.

    A lovely memory.