Saturday, 2 July 2011

Special Saturday - My Special Needs Child is Amazing because .....

My son is amazing because ............

- he never gives up trying

- he touches the hearts and souls of total strangers

- his smile can fill a room

- he is the loudest non verbal person I know

- he still loves going to school even though he is doing things he was doing 12 years ago

- he smiles during blood tests

- he can work the TV and iPad but struggles to find two matching shoes

 - he never forgets a face, no matter how many years have passed

- he shows compassion for everyone

- he tells me that he loves me even though he can't say the words

- he finds joy in the simplest of things and then shares that joy

- he can sing even though he can't talk

- he is my son


  1. Beautiful, Jane. So many of those things apply to Paul, too. I'll list mine tomorrow xx

  2. Hi Jane, i just wanted to write also to say that i could've written much the same list about my son. I especially liked the "loudest non-verbal" comment. My son, even though he's Deaf, is the loudest person i know.

    What amazing boys we have in our lives.

  3. Hi Sarah, I find the noise factor amazing. I find it amazing that I spend most of my day asking Cameron to be softer. They are amazing.

    Sharon - love your list.

  4. Hi Jane -

    I just recently came across your blog and I just wanted to say thank you. I have an older brother with down's syndrome and I know how hard my parent's worked to raise him, support him, and stand up for him, all while raising 2 other children. I love that you share your ups and downs with the world and let everyone see how special children/adults with special needs really are.


  5. I think being able to work the TV and the Ipad but not finding matching shoes is probably a teenage trait, completely normal :)

  6. Thank you Adrienne. It sounds like you might have an understanding of what My Little Angel goes through. I think being a sibling of a special needs child is difficult and very different.

    You might be right Lee.