Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 30

Remember the other family who's daughter was raced to the same hospital from our home town with Meningococcal Meningitis?

They popped in to say goodbye when they were discharged. Their daughter appeared to be fine so you can imagine their shock when they saw Cameron laying in his cot not really responding to anyone. We all sat and discussed our experiences but I still don't think they realized how close they came to disaster.

At the same time as we were all in the hospital so was another family from town. Their daughter was having major surgery which was major news until Cameron got sick.

They kept in contact with me and popped in for a couple of visits while they were in the hospital. it was nice to see people from home and we had an understanding of the seriousness of each other's situation. However they were discharged and headed back to town and back to reality while I stayed behind.

One day a hospital administrator popped into our room and asked if we minded Cameron having his photo taken for the hospital's admissions information booklet. They wanted a photo of a baby and our room was extremely colourful. It seemed like a nice distraction and I thought our room was colourful too.

The photographer arrived and one of our favourite nurses was asked to also be in the photo. They wanted the photo to reflect the care offered to the patients.

You would think taking a photo of a baby wouldn't be that hard but it took ages. Firstly there were angles and lighting. Then how the photo should be composed - Cameron on his own with us looking at him, me holding him or the nurse holding him. Should he have a dummy, a bottle or nothing? How many toys in the cot and where should they be? Trust me, it wasn't easy and then Cameron decided he wasn't all that interested in being a model so he started crying. and pulling very sad - I'm not happy - faces.

Eventually we got the photos and Cameron was free to get back to what he did best during the day - sleeping.

The next time we were admitted to hospital there we were in the booklet. I had a friend who's son ended up in hospital and she was a bit excited to see us looking back at her when she opened the booklet.