Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 34

It was wonderful to wake up in the morning and have Michael arrive with breakfast. We had our new normal back.

The physio had asked during the week for me to organize bathers for Cameron and myself because she wanted Cameron to start hydrotherapy in the hospital indoor heated swimming pool. Cameron was fine, they had just started selling swimming pullups - Brilliant. Me - mmmmmmm.

Now those of you who know me personally know that my body is rather top heavy and I'm not a fan of revealing clothing and especially not bathers. The thought of bathers was rather daunting.

I'd had a few days to chat to mum about my dilemma and we knew of a swimwear shop that catered to body shapes like my mine. Michael and I planned during the week that on Saturday morning we would dash to the swimwear shop and, fingers crossed, buy me some bathers. This was back in the days when our shops weren't open past midday on a Saturday.

We couldn't leave the hospital until the morning routine of doctor visits had been completed. Our pediatrician arrived and we went through our usual routine and then he told us a group of trainee doctors were coming in to see Cameron and we needed to wait for them. We explained our time constraints and he assured us they would be arriving shortly.

Well, the one thing I have learnt about our hospital is that a doctor very rarely turns up when you expect them to and this was no exception. We waited and we waited and we waited and the time ticked away. I was becoming quite stressed and was pacing around the room.

Time was just about up and we were about to do something we had never done - walk away and not see the doctor when a group of young trainee doctors finally walked into our room. They had no sense of urgency and had no understanding that they were holding us up. Clearly we had all the time in the world and their arrival was more important than anything else we could possibly imagine doing.

They all wanted to physically examine Cameron and question us about his illness and treatment, his birth and my pregnancy. You can imagine that this was not what I wanted to be doing. Not only was I sick of answering these question, I actually did have something more important to do.

We saw a lot of trainee doctors during our stay in hospital, Cameron was a story to be told and doctors wanted to use him as a teaching tool. We understood that doctors have to learn and we were in a state hospital where doctors train. It just would have been nice if people had been more considerate of our time.

Finally they were all finished and wandered out with the same lack of urgency and lack of acknowledgement that they had arrived with. We quickly organized ourselves. The staff knew what we were doing and were set for us to leave. I suspect my parents were also there that morning. Finally we raced out the door.

We got to the shop with a limited time left to find some bathers. The ladies at the shop were wonderful and found me some bathers which made me feel as comfortable as possible. They cost a fortune but they were worth it. As we left they locked the door behind us, we really had arrived just in the nick of time.

We went straight back to the hospital. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately it wasn't the only day that weekend that we were left to wait for a doctor.

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