Sunday, 24 July 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 35

Sunday was Mother's Day - my first Mother's Day.

I had actually forgotten about Mother's Day until a few days before. I was partly organized for our  mothers so I got Michael to bring down what I had put away. In reality having Cameron alive was the best present any of us could have wished for but I was usually a super organized person and would normally have had gifts ready and posted so it felt really unsettling to be so unorganized.

With Dad down visiting and Michael back for the weekend it was decided that Mother's Day should be celebrated at Michael's parents house. We would leave the hospital for a few hours. I was convinced by the suggestion that Cameron could have a few hours day release with us.

We spoke to our doctor on Saturday about the possibility of taking Cameron out of the hospital for a few hours and he was hopeful but said he would have to make the decision on Sunday morning. We were quite excited.

Overnight while I was sleeping the nursing staff crept in and left me a very special Mother's Day gift from Cameron - they had been busy. While we were at the shop the day before buying bathers they had taken a photo of Cameron. Over night they had taken a print of his hands and feet and made a Mother's Day card with the photo inside. This was my first Mother's Day card. I was so touched that the staff took the time to do something so special for us.

Michael also surprised me with breakfast and gifts. I'd not even thought about receiving Mother's Day gifts myself. I felt very spoilt. He gave me a beautiful photo frame because he knew that I was deeply upset about the fact we didn't have a family portrait of the three of us and if Cameron had died we would never have had one. I'm also pretty sure he gave me flowers - because he always does.
It was a lovely first Mother's Day morning

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