Sunday, 28 August 2011

Special Saturday - Funny Things Our Special Needs Children Have Said or Done

Over the years Cameron has done lots of funny things -

He always reads magazines and books upside down and until recently he would get quite annoyed if you turned the book the right way around.
Cameron thinks it's really funny to place his hand on my chair so when I sit down I hit five waiting fingers before the surface of the chair. As I bounce back up he gives me a big cheeky grin.
Over the last year Cameron has thought it is quite funny to put his seatbelt into my seatbelt latch and then sit quietly looking straight ahead with a sly smirk on his face until I figure out why I can't do up my seatbelt.
I keep telling Cameron that a fifteen year old boy with a pink handbag is not a good look but he keeps picking up my handbag and carrying it for me - in public.
When Cameron was little his teacher taught him to scrunch paper and he learnt that skill so well that anything made of paper was scrunched. A few years later his teacher taught him how to rip paper and then he ripped up everything made of paper. Last week his teacher taught him how to cut with scissors and I think we need to worry because he has already cut up his communication book.

Cameron was only two or three years old when we were shopping and he was sitting in his pram. We walked past a pair of young lady's in extremely high heels and even shorter skirts. Cameron's eyes almost popped out of his head and his tongue almost licked the floor as he hung out of his pram for a better look.
Contemplating the funny things that have occurred over the years one story has to be told -

Cameron took a long time to learn to walk and even when he was eventually up and moving on two legs he still needed a lot of encouragement, guidance and support. Even now he sometimes still needs a hand or arm to keep him on track and focused.

His biggest problems were steps, uneven surfaces and Cameron's inability to look where he was going. He didn't use his peripheral vision so he'd fall or trip constantly if the surface wasn't perfectly smooth. We were in the habit of warning Cameron when a step or change of surface was coming and we would praise him for looking down and stepping safely. I catch myself still doing this now because it was such an inbuilt habit.

One day My Marvellous Man was at Bunnings with Cameron and as they left they reached the curb. When Cameron stepped down the curb safely after tipping his head to look My Marvellous Man said enthusiastically - "Good Looking!"

The gentleman stepping up the curb near My Marvellous Man gave him a shocked look. Think about it ...........


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  1. Jane, thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories! You made me laugh! What a funny boy you have. He really is special! ;-)

    Debbie K.

  2. I LOVE the Good Looking story, I have shared with several people. Wonder if it will do full circle back to the stranger in the story if we all keep sharing it and if it does will it burst a little ego-trip bubble:)

  3. Glad I made someone laugh.

    Vicki - you crack me up.