Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 38

Physiotherapy now started out of our room. No more standing by the bed moving Cameron's limbs. It was such a novelty to move off the ward for something without the accompaniment of a nurse. We would pick up Cameron's file and take ourselves to the therapy room and then be trusted to return with his file.

It sounds silly but I wasn't given any responsibility while we were in the hospital. I was powerless, there was a constant feeling that I didn't know how to do anything, I couldn't be trusted. Being trusted with the file was a big deal.

Our physiotherapist was lovely and time spent with her always brought a breathe of fresh air and a smile to my face, Physio was something to look forward to.

We started from the beginning, getting Cameron's arms and legs moving. It was a slow process of showing his body what it had to do by itself - moving his limbs for him - and then enthusiastically encouraging him to try for himself. It was exhausting for everyone and at first our sessions were very short.

Slowing Cameron started to understand what he had to do and he started to send the messages to his limbs to reach out, pull in, push and twist. It was very exciting to see even the slightest movement. So imagine our excitement when he actually managed to balance up in a crawl position.

All this was achieved with the enticement of little soft squeezey toys and the verbal encouragement of the physio and myself. Cameron had to wake up his brain and remind it of what he had forgotten. You could see how hard he was working and it was really, really hard for him.

During the day I had exercises to move Cameron's body to constantly send messages to his brain and to strengthen his muscles. Now that we had started there was no stopping, we had to keep going. Everyone was focused on getting Cameron, rolling, sitting, crawling and ultimately walking.


  1. I know it's happened long ago, but I can't help but feel excited and anticipate the next instalment :)