Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 41

I woke up very early the next morning and phoned for a taxi to take me to the airport. I felt so nervous about leaving Cameron but my mother and Michael's mother assured me that they would stay with him all day and take over my role. The nurses also assured me they would look after him.

There was however one thing deeply worrying me. The previous afternoon the Nurse Manager had come to me and told me that if she needed my room while I was gone she would move us out. I panicked! This was now my only home and the thought of losing my second home in less than two months shook me to my core.

My home was a single room surrounded by glass but it was my home, I had nowhere else to go and the thought of losing it was horrible. I begged her not to move us out but she promised nothing. Cameron's grandparents being in the room all day would help in keeping our room our home.

With the same little carry on bag that I had left home with I walked out of the hospital into the dark and waited nervously for my taxi.

The nicest taxi driver picked me up and we chatted as we drove out to the airport. We discussed why I was in Perth and what had happened to Cameron. Amazingly the  customer he had dropped off before collecting me had a Meningitis story too.

It had been a seventeen year old girl who had received a phone call to tell her that her best friend had Meningitis and was dying and she needed to come immediately if she wanted to say goodbye before her friend died. My taxi driver had just dropped her off at the hospital before collecting me.

It felt really strange being out of the hospital, I felt disconnected but I was comfortable with flying so once I boarded the plane I felt a little more settled. I landed at our little airport and found Michael waiting for me which was so wonderful.

We drove straight to our home and there parked out the front was the removal truck. I felt sick just seeing it. We walked in and the house was empty, they were emptying the shed in the backyard. It was hard to take in. I couldn't hold the tears back and I was shaking on the inside. I went into Cameron's room and hid in the wardrobe, it was all too much for me.

Michael gave me a huge hug which calmed me down a little and then I slowly went through each cupboard making sure nothing had been missed. There was nothing left - it was all gone. We couldn't even clean because there was nothing left to clean with.

The truck pulled off and we were left standing there in our empty home with nothing but memories left and sadly the most recent memories were not the best. I walked around touching the walls and checking the same cupboards I had already checked, I don't know what I was looking for. Michael eventually dragged me away. With a lump in my throat we locked the door and walked away.

There was no point in keeping the key so we went straight to the accommodation office to return it. I didn't want to walk inside, I was so mad that my life was being controlled by everyone except me and taking my home away from me had been the ultimate betrayal.

You have to remember this was a small country town where you knew just about everyone so we knew the person we were about to walk into the office and see. I couldn't look at her. I wanted to yell at her and ask her what she thought she was doing - why did she do it? But that's not me, I avoid confrontation so instead I stood silently beside Michael whilst he completed all the necessary red tape.

Then as a final blow this person who I was so upset with said goodbye and told us that if there was anything we needed for Cameron we should let her know because the town would do everything they could to help. I wanted to scream - he needed his home, we needed our home!

I said nothing and we walked out to the car. I was numb.

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