Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 45

As you know this story took place before everyone had at least one mobile phone tucked away in their pocket or handbag. I was forced to make out-going phone calls on the public phone in the main corridor of the hospital with no privacy or receive in-coming calls on a phone in the passage of the ward, again with no privacy and a time limit.

Only immediate family or country friends were allowed to have their phone calls put through to the ward so you can imagine the frustration of our city friends. Many tried to get through but were always stopped and forced to leave a message.

One friend however did get through and boy did I get in trouble. My friend worked at another hospital and she phoned from work. When asked where she was calling from she gave the name of the hospital and was put through. I don't know if my phone calls were listened to but later in the day I was summonsed to the ward desk like a naughty school girl being summonsed to the principals office and I was told off for my friend lying and for being put through.

Note: Don't bother trying to trick the desk staff at the children's hospital they will find out and secondly for the record - my friend didn't lie. She really does work at the hospital she just wasn't phoning in a professional capacity but they didn't ask her why she was calling. And lastly, why was it me who got told off? I didn't put her through.

I have found my collection of phone messages that everyone left me. Some are matter of fact and some are business like because it was family organizing things but mostly they are lovely messages of support and care mixed with sadness and despair at their inability to get hold of me.

I also have cards and letters filled with beautiful words of love and support. It shocks me to look back and see who took the time to stop and hand write a note of support. I have flattened balloons, cards from floral arrangements and all kinds of little momento's tucked away to remind me of the incredible support we received as our lives turned upside down and nothing made sense anymore.

We are very lucky to have such beautiful, supportive people in our lives and even though some come and go the ones who matter stay.

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