Monday, 26 September 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 47

It was time to remove Cameron's main line but it wasn't as simple as pulling the tube out of Cameron's body. We had to return to ICU in case something went wrong.

It was really strange returning to ICU and it didn't feel comforting at all. I was on edge because a procedure which seemed so simple was being treated with such importance that I was scared for Cameron. It was once again one of those situations where there seemed to be a lot of people and I was on the edge looking in. It was a little reminiscent of the emergency department the day Cameron fought to stay live.

Accompanied by nurses and a doctor I carried Cameron to the ICU and after meeting an anaesthetist, another doctor and a nurse I laid Cameron on a bed in the middle of the ICU. I looked around and noted how busy and full the ICU was and how the parents were all watching us and wondering what our story was.

Before starting the procedure the plan was to put Cameron to sleep and you would think that wouldn't have been too hard since he was in the habit of sleeping most of his day away. But Cameron would not go to sleep and it didn't matter how much sleep inducing medication he was given - he refused to sleep. Eventually the anaesthetist looked at me and said I'm really sorry but I can't give him anymore, it's too dangerous. After much discussion amongst the staff it was decided that the procedure would go ahead with Cameron wide awake

Thankfully everything went smoothly and the line came out without a problem. Surprisingly quickly we were heading back to the ward.

This was a very significant day, my son was finally free of everything that reminded us of his brush with death. He was free and normal again. I didn't have to dress him carefully to allow for any tubes or attachments. I could hold him comfortably and not worry about hurting him. He was all mine again.

The only negative of this joyous rebirth was that the two of us were on our own. We had no one to show or tell. We cuddled and then everything went back to normal - Cameron went to sleep.

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