Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cam Can Climb

Wow, what a day! At the end of a lovely day out with friends we ended up playing in a playground which had an amazing rope play structure which was like a massive 3D spider web which stretched upwards. My Little Angel and my friends two children set about climbing and discovering the intricacies of this amazing play structure while Cameron wandered around the base and sat down with us adults to observe the others.

After about an hour I was busy taking photos of the three climbers when my friend yelled for my attention and when I looked up there was Cameron climbing, unassisted on the base of the structure. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Only a few hours before we had been helping Cameron slowly climb stairs and here he was climbing this wobbly play structure without any assistance.

My friend and her wonderful son helped Cameron figure out where to place his hands and feet so he could climb where he wanted to go and Cameron listened and followed their instructions without any hesitation - a miracle for someone who was initially diagnosed with dyspraxia and used to forget the instruction by the time his brain had finally sent the message to lift his leg.

My camera started clicking away and what unfolded before my eyes was nothing short of miraculous for Cameron. He certainly didn't climb to the top but he climbed higher than My Little Angel was comfortable climbing and he laughed and grinned all the way. He even figured out how to bounce and rock the whole structure to shake the other climbers. He climbed up and down, across and through the structure, he wanted to experience it just like he had observed the others doing.

Time stood still while Cameron climbed this afternoon so I'm not sure how long he was up there but it was a long time and for someone who is unaccustomed to climbing you can imagine how tired his arms and legs and brain were. He was starting to negotiate his way down when he suddenly lost his grip and fell and again he was amazing. He got a nasty rope burn down his arm and it would have hurt but the excitement of what he had just done far outweighed the pain. Another miracle for someone who normally tells you repeatedly for several days if he has the slightest bump, scratch or bruise.

The shock of falling out of the structure was quickly replaced with the biggest grin for his amazing achievement. There were hugs all round and a few tears from his very proud Mum.


  1. Aww that is lovely so many great picture and a very happy/proud mum. It just shines through your post how proud you are. So pleased for you both xxxxxx

  2. I am still stunned at his climbing and I watched it! Go Cam!!

  3. Wendy, I am one very proud Mum and if I didn't have the photos I think I would have woken up today and thought it had all been a dream. He is now showing everyone his rope burn, it's like a badge of honour.

    Vicki, I am so glad your were with me to share something so incredible. I smile every time I think about it.

  4. Just started reading your blog Jane, it's great and I find stories like this one really inspiring. I'm looking forward to finding out more about Cameron.

  5. Hi Trevor and welcome to my blog. I'm glad you are enjoying reading it.

  6. Hi Jane

    I had to have a look at your blog after you told me the story yesterday. I love your photos almost as much as I love the look of excitement on Cameron's face! Simply amazing.

  7. Sue - I am so glad I had my camera and was already taking photos. He really was excited and filled with joy. It was magical.

    He's still showing people his rapidly fading rope burn scar. His badge of honour!

  8. Oh Jane, how wonderful. He looks so proud too. Well done cam! What an achievement, I am thrilled for you both. X

  9. Thanks Little Mamma - it was really awesome.