Sunday, 23 October 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 49

We no longer needed constant observations so we had less and less visitors to our room. I was becoming quite lonely especially since most of our visitors no longer visited. Initially we were a novelty and everyone wanted to stop by and see us, especially trainee doctors but as time dragged on people disappeared. My mother had predicted this would happen and had warned me.

One night a friend invited me over for dinner which I accepted. I'm presuming I caught a taxi because I can't figure out how I got there but I do remember it was really nice to have a normal home cooked meal on a proper plate. Funny the things you miss.

Our doctor sat and discussed our situation including Cameron's health and our lack of a home. He decided we would stay in hospital for another week to allow us time to settle and get organized before heading out into the real world. He always looked after us as a family because he believed that it was important to ensure the parents were alright so they were in the best position to care, love and support their child.

Plans had to be made. My parents had asked their tenant to move out of our family home - which didn't please the tenant. They found him another rental in the same street but of course he couldn't move immediately so there was a month gap between when we would leave the hospital and when we could move in to our new home. My parents also wanted to get into the house and make a couple of updates, such as new blinds. They had given me the choice of which blinds I preferred which was really nice.

So, where were we going to live for a month. This is where Michael's parents came to the rescue. They offered for Cameron and I to move in with them until we were able to move into our new home.

Our last week in hospital was quite different. We started to feel different and a little bit like we no longer belonged. I was quite scared of what was ahead of us and how I was going to cope, I was dreading leaving but at the same time I was excited about getting out and being free to control my life again.

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