Monday, 21 November 2011

The Second QEEG

Today we received the results from Cameron's second QEEG at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. I was excited about today but at the same time I didn't want to let myself get hopeful. What if we had been imagining the improvements we thought we had seen? What if we have just spent A LOT of money and nothing had changed? What if we were kidding ourselves?

My Marvellous Man met us at the appointment and we started with Cameron's normal adjustment. Cam was his usual charming self and wasn't too keen to move when the adjustment was over- he was too relaxed..

After a short wait it was our turn to see Dr Beck and out came the file with the colourful pictures of brains. At first I wasn't sure, I could see lots of colours again but then Dr Beck opened the original test results and laid them side by side. Even I could see the changes. Red areas had turned orange and yellow, blue areas had turn green and red and blues areas had shrunk. It was as obvious as that scan Cameron had the day after he developed Pneumococcal Meningitis and nobody had to point out the brain damage because I could see all the dark areas.

Cameron's brain is changing and it's changing for the better. It is mind blowing to see what has happened in only a month. It was so shocking it was almost unbelievable. Dr Beck was really pleased. How could this happen in such a short space of time? Well, as Dr Beck says - Cameron really wants this.

So now what?

We will continue the supplements and we will continue three adjustments at the Institute each week for the next four weeks and those adjustments will change as well. We'll find out on Saturday how the adjustments are changing.

We make one change to what we are doing at home. Cameron still has to squeeze a ball five times and bounce the ball five times - this morning he tried to catch the ball. He still has to try and pick the card we ask for from 3 cards but now we keep asking until he gets the right card and then we move the card around in front of his eyes to get him to follow the cards all over the place. Sounds weird I know - but I'm not arguing.

The thing that always amazes me is how Dr Beck can describe my son. From the test results he was able to tell us that Cameron is now aware of his spatial awareness and can not help his reaction to his new found spatial awareness.

This week Cameron has started doing something he hadn't done with true vigor for eight years. Destroy the toy room. Eight years ago he used to throw every single toy and sometimes pieces of furniture he could get his hands on. It was a nightmare and I was forever picking up and packing everything away along with throwing away all the damaged toys and sometimes furniture. Yesterday it took me two hours to put the toy area back together. A sixteen year old can throw little Lego a long way and high too. . I still haven't got all the Lego out of the lounge and I had the inevitable pile of throw aways. I don't mind packing up toys - it was a major part of my life when I was working in child care and teaching Kindy and Pre-Primary but when toys are just thrown - I don't cope too well.

Dr Beck says this is Cameron's brain dealing with what is happening and he can't help himself. If he's still doing it in a month then it is personality but for the moment he needs understanding. My response - I am packing away all the construction toys and I'll have a look at Zoe's toys and see what needs protecting - like the china tea set. I didn't react too well this afternoon when he tipped three tubs of construction toys out again. I think I'll let him keep the Primo.

So there you go - we aren't imagining it - Cameron's brain really is changing and it's changing for the better.


  1. Im sooooooooooo excited for you all, especially Cameron.

  2. Yay for Cam!!! I've been hanging out to read this all day but this is the first chance I've the car...on my phone :-)
    Very exciting ...good luck with the toys

  3. Apart from the room destroying, that is sooo exciting! Go Cam!!

  4. Thanks guys - it's lovely to have everyone's support.

  5. Fantastic news Jane. You seem to have found a good man in Dr Beck. It's going to be so interesting to read of Cam's progress over the next few months.

  6. I know Trevor. What I've found really interesting is that people (friends/acquaintances) who see Cameron semi regularly are making little comments about changes they are seeing. It's comforting to have other people see what we are seeing.