Sunday, 13 November 2011

Time for a Catch Up

It has been so long since I have had to time to write that I think I should start with a catch up. Those of you who also follow the This is No Ordinary Kid facebook page - - will know that I've been busy organizing the backstage for my daughters dance concert which was last Friday. We are now busy catching up on our sleep and energy but life is beginning to return to normal in our household after a very exciting night full of costumes, dancing, curtsies and applause.

When I stopped writing we had just received Cameron's QEEG results at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience and we are now going into the fourth week of appointments - boy time flies.

We have been going to the Institute three times a week since the meeting to receive Cameron's results. It has been really interesting to watch Cameron over those weeks. Cameron is always happy and content around medical people and facilities but he is particularly at peace at The Institute. I can't explain it but it is different. He sits quietly reading magazines, often making sure that I have a magazine too. He notices when the staff walk through reception but doesn't try to grab them or follow them until it is his turn. Then he excitedly follows them to the room he has been allocated which is different every time.

I have had to stop him knocking on doors as he walks down the corridor - slightly embarrassing.

By last week he suddenly did something he had never ever done before in any type of appointment. He sat very patiently waiting and when the doctor walked in and asked him how his day at school was he garbled an incomprehensible explanation of his day. (That took me back about ten years when he used to talk to us but we could never understand a single word - one of the many things we have lost over the years.)

Cameron then stood up and while the doctor was finding his file on the computer he went to the couch, laid down, thought about it, sat up, took off his shoes calmly, placed his shoes together out of the way (that alone is a miracle), laid down in the correct position, calmed himself and waited.

I know this sounds like what you do quite often when you see a doctor but Cameron has never done this and he has been enduring repetitive medical appointments all his life. He has sat on couches, he's sat struggling with his shoes after being directed, he has tried to follow our instructions and got hopelessly confused but not this time. He didn't need me at all, I could have been in the waiting room.

We have noticed changes in Cameron over the last few weeks. Attempts at words, more focus  and seeming more switched on.

We have another week of appointments and then plans will be made for another QEEG so we can see if what we have been doing for the last month has actually done anything or not. Fingers crossed we see improvements.

Over the last few weeks I have met people at the Institute that I have met on line through this blog and the facebook page. Other parents as eager as us to find help for their child. It will be interesting to watch every one's progress and hopefully everyone will find the help they are looking for.

So that is where we are at with Cameron's new therapy.

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