Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 50

Finally our big day arrived. We were leaving hospital.

It was a Saturday morning so Michael was home. I woke up with an excited feeling just like you have on Christmas morning. I'd packed our bags already but there was a little part of me holding back. I'd started to learn to protect my feelings and there was always the possibility that we wouldn't be allowed to leave.

We couldn't go anywhere until our Doctor gave us the go head to leave. As always we had to wait but eventually he arrived and after a  chat and check of Cameron he agreed it was time to leave. He made sure we felt comfortable leaving and that we knew what we were doing with medication. He wanted to see us weekly to keep an eye on Cameron so we arranged to meet him on the ward each Saturday morning when Michael was home. But of course nothing is quick and easy.

We all suddenly realized that Cameron had missed out on his six month old vaccinations so plans were quickly put in place to vaccinate Cameron before we left the hospital. Finding time for the staff to vaccinate him was difficult and it seemed appropriate that a trainee nurse would vaccinate Cameron. We had met so many trainee nurses, doctors and therapists whilst we had been in hospital. But vaccinating a baby is not an easy thing to do and for this poor trainee nurse it became too much. She tried and she froze, in fact she cried, so eventually our nurse had to step in because Cameron was becoming upset.

Finally the paperwork was done, medication organized and appointments booked. It was time to say goodbye. Cameron was completely unfazed by the goodbyes but for me it was very emotional. I was saying goodbye to my home and the people who had been my family for three months.

Saying goodbye on the ward was not easy and eventually become impossible because the nurses were busy. People walked past quickly saying goodbye. There was no time to talk.

Michael took all our things out to the car and all that was left was Cameron, me, a pram and a bare room. It was time to leave but there was one thing we absolutely had to do before we left the hospital.

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