Friday, 30 December 2011

Wow - Is the Only Word to Describe What is Happening to Cameron at the Moment

It's another jaw dropping, gob smacked day in our household today. We are having a lot of them lately which is really exciting.

We just did Cameron's other medicine with him. His other medicine is the activities we do at home twice a day to support the work being done at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. I'm sitting here stunned at what Cameron did.

Cameron wanted to watch a Wiggles DVD and we needed to do his other medicine so I flippantly said - "If you take you medicine (real tablets), do your cards and ball then you can watch the DVD." Cameron immediately popped his tablets into his mouth - our mouths dropped open. He hates his tablets and we have daily stand offs until he swallows his tablets.

Still stunned from his immediate response to my direction I reminded him that he needed to get 3 cards from his box. He walked around to the box and played a little game of  'I don't know what to pick up'. You can always tell when Cameron is tricking because he gets a cheeky grin on his face. I just kept verbally redirecting him and after a minute he picked up three cards as we counted. He picked up a fourth card and when I reminded him that he only needed three cards he returned the fourth card to the box.

He then walked around to us at the table and laid out the cards. We asked him to pick up the key and as usual he tried to trick us by pointing to the wrong cards but we just kept redirecting and he picked up the key. He then pointed to the card as I moved it around constantly. (Strange I know but that is what we have to do.)

Cameron returned the cards to the box and then had trouble finding the ball in the same box but we persisted with verbal directions only and he eventually found the ball. He then put it in his left hand whilst holding his right hand behind his back and proceeded to throw/bounce the ball to me. When the ball rolled away he retrieved it and when I reminded him to only use his left hand he immediately changed hands.

I know this may not sound very earth shattering stuff but trust me - it is!!!!!!!!

Cameron did everything quickly, following only verbal directions and he understood what was happening. He did everything he was asked to do and is now sitting watching Wiggles. Well, that was after a huge congratulatory hug from Mum. He knew he'd done really well and you can see he is proud of himself.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well - Did he know it was Christmas?

I thought I should try and answer my question - Does he know it's Christmas?

The short answer - No.

The contemplated, thought out answer - I don't think so.

Cameron slept in on Christmas morning until almost 11.20am. So I guess we can cross off waking up early with excited anticipation, he definitely didn't do that.

We knew Cameron was awake because we heard his CD player start. So he didn't dash out the door to see if Santa had come - no excited realization that it was Christmas.

My Marvellous Man showered and dressed Cameron and at this point you would expect him to appear in the lounge room full of expectation but no, he was again distracted by something else and had to be directed to the lounge room.

By this hour of the day we had all fully investigated our stockings and what Santa had brought us. (Yes - us means all of us - Don't you leave a stocking out for Santa?) Cameron's stocking was sitting untouched driving My Little Angel crazy with wonder.

Cameron wandered into the lounge room and took in the changes, My Little Angel dragged him across to his stocking and encouraged him to take a look. MMM and I made lots of  "Oh, Wow, look!!!" comments to get Cameron excited and draw attention to things straight in front of him. He went straight past the rather large CD/DVD player and picked up the Christmas book that plays music. This was something he recognized and understood what it did.

MLA couldn't wait so she whole heartedly encouraged Cameron to look inside his stocking. He picked it up and shock it until all the contents were out. He picked up a few things with a quizzical look and then returned to the Christmas book.

As the day went on Cameron loved the food he ate and the people he spent the day with. The Christmas book from Santa, I think, was his favourite gift (he didn't really put it down) but he has also enjoyed his new Wiggles and Playschool DVD's that My Little Angel gave him, on his CD/DVD player that Santa gave him.

I think, looking at all the evidence, I would have to conclude that Cameron did not know that it was Christmas but he had a great day. I wonder what he did think about the day?

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Special Saturday - Does he know it's Christmas?

It's Christmas Eve and Cameron is excited about Christmas - I think!?! We can never be completely sure.

We've already enjoyed two Christmas days, one with some very special friends and today with My Marvellous Man's family. Cameron loves the company and opening presents. Sometimes he's not sure what his presents are but sometimes a gift really excites him. But that doesn't tell us he knows it is Christmas. Does he know it's not a birthday?

During the week we have been wandering around the local suburbs in the evenings looking at the Christmas lights that some people have hung on their houses. Cameron has looked when we have pointed out the lights and has had lots of fun playing with his car window. But does he understands the lights are for Christmas? I'm not sure.

He has gone present shopping with us and helped carry the shopping into the house. He has sat patiently while we have rested our feet and discussed gift suggestions. But does he know the gifts are for Christmas?

My Little Angel and My Marvellous Man were the tree decorators this year and Cameron watched. He didn't want to join in but since the tree went up he has enjoyed taking off the decorations and breaking a few. He has been playing the singing bauble so much that the rest of us are regretting hanging it on the tree. Does he know the tree is for Christmas?

Listening to Christmas Carols and clapping very loudly has been great fun. He has pulled his chair right up to the CD player and got into trouble when he's pressed the buttons because the pause between songs made him think the music had finished. He thinks Christmas Carols are great but does he know they are for Christmas?

Tonight he laid out his stocking. It's the stocking a very dear friend made for him when he was a baby. It's beautiful and this year he noticed there was a bell sewn onto the front. Does he remember that in the morning there will be presents inside his stocking? Does he know the presents are from Santa because it is Christmas Day?

I just don't know if Cameron knows tomorrow is Christmas Day but that doesn't matter. Every year for 16 years we have followed the same routine on Christmas Eve with Cameron and hopefully he remembers. Hopefully he will wake up in the morning and realize that the day is different, that it is a special day.

He may follow his Christmas morning routine of sleeping in, a routine that I don't think My Little Angel will be following with him, I'm fairly confident she will be awake before any of us - she is a little excited. I can not recall a Christmas morning that Cameron has woken before 9am, there was one year when we woke him at 11.30am. The suspense for him to wake up can sometimes be excruciating but we always let him sleep because if Cameron is asleep he needs the sleep. It's our Christmas gift to him.

We shall have to wait and see what Cameron makes of Christmas this year. Will he predict traditions, will he go to his stocking in expectation, will he sleep in? I can guarantee several things, he will enjoy his gifts, he will adore the food and love the company. He will enjoy Christmas - I just don't know if he will know it is Christmas.


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Saturday, 10 December 2011

He Has Been Watching

I have always wondered  - Just how much is Cameron taking in and understanding? Over the years he hasn't appeared, until recently, to have really been aware of what was going on around him on a daily basis.

Today we were visiting Cameron's grandparents and his Nanna was making a cuppa. She took two cups out to make milo for the children and Cameron walked over and snatched a cup out of her hand. That was a little shocking but he placed the cup safely on the bench so I thought nothing of it.

Nanna took out the milo tin and a spoon and Cameron watched as she spooned milo into My Little Angels cup. He then took the spoon and, in his own way, spooned milo into his cup. I was stunned. It took three goes to get enough milo and there was milo on the bench but the milo was in the cup.

I was stunned. He had watched, understood and then copied. This is something I had not even imagined he would do.

It makes the mind boggle at what else he is likely to start copying in the next few months.

Very exciting!