Sunday, 25 December 2011

Special Saturday - Does he know it's Christmas?

It's Christmas Eve and Cameron is excited about Christmas - I think!?! We can never be completely sure.

We've already enjoyed two Christmas days, one with some very special friends and today with My Marvellous Man's family. Cameron loves the company and opening presents. Sometimes he's not sure what his presents are but sometimes a gift really excites him. But that doesn't tell us he knows it is Christmas. Does he know it's not a birthday?

During the week we have been wandering around the local suburbs in the evenings looking at the Christmas lights that some people have hung on their houses. Cameron has looked when we have pointed out the lights and has had lots of fun playing with his car window. But does he understands the lights are for Christmas? I'm not sure.

He has gone present shopping with us and helped carry the shopping into the house. He has sat patiently while we have rested our feet and discussed gift suggestions. But does he know the gifts are for Christmas?

My Little Angel and My Marvellous Man were the tree decorators this year and Cameron watched. He didn't want to join in but since the tree went up he has enjoyed taking off the decorations and breaking a few. He has been playing the singing bauble so much that the rest of us are regretting hanging it on the tree. Does he know the tree is for Christmas?

Listening to Christmas Carols and clapping very loudly has been great fun. He has pulled his chair right up to the CD player and got into trouble when he's pressed the buttons because the pause between songs made him think the music had finished. He thinks Christmas Carols are great but does he know they are for Christmas?

Tonight he laid out his stocking. It's the stocking a very dear friend made for him when he was a baby. It's beautiful and this year he noticed there was a bell sewn onto the front. Does he remember that in the morning there will be presents inside his stocking? Does he know the presents are from Santa because it is Christmas Day?

I just don't know if Cameron knows tomorrow is Christmas Day but that doesn't matter. Every year for 16 years we have followed the same routine on Christmas Eve with Cameron and hopefully he remembers. Hopefully he will wake up in the morning and realize that the day is different, that it is a special day.

He may follow his Christmas morning routine of sleeping in, a routine that I don't think My Little Angel will be following with him, I'm fairly confident she will be awake before any of us - she is a little excited. I can not recall a Christmas morning that Cameron has woken before 9am, there was one year when we woke him at 11.30am. The suspense for him to wake up can sometimes be excruciating but we always let him sleep because if Cameron is asleep he needs the sleep. It's our Christmas gift to him.

We shall have to wait and see what Cameron makes of Christmas this year. Will he predict traditions, will he go to his stocking in expectation, will he sleep in? I can guarantee several things, he will enjoy his gifts, he will adore the food and love the company. He will enjoy Christmas - I just don't know if he will know it is Christmas.


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  1. I always find your blog interesting and thought provoking, Jane. My best wishes to you, your husband, daughter and of course, Cameron. Happy Christmas.

  2. Thank you Trevor - Merry Christmas and best wishes to your family too.

  3. I have this with Smiley too ((hugs)), she does get excited by it all, but then she always picks up on the general mood around her. Hope you have a very Happy Christmas xx

  4. Thanks Looking for Blue Sky. We're having a lovely Christmas. Cameron's having a great day in his own way.