Saturday, 10 December 2011

He Has Been Watching

I have always wondered  - Just how much is Cameron taking in and understanding? Over the years he hasn't appeared, until recently, to have really been aware of what was going on around him on a daily basis.

Today we were visiting Cameron's grandparents and his Nanna was making a cuppa. She took two cups out to make milo for the children and Cameron walked over and snatched a cup out of her hand. That was a little shocking but he placed the cup safely on the bench so I thought nothing of it.

Nanna took out the milo tin and a spoon and Cameron watched as she spooned milo into My Little Angels cup. He then took the spoon and, in his own way, spooned milo into his cup. I was stunned. It took three goes to get enough milo and there was milo on the bench but the milo was in the cup.

I was stunned. He had watched, understood and then copied. This is something I had not even imagined he would do.

It makes the mind boggle at what else he is likely to start copying in the next few months.

Very exciting!


  1. Lovely, lovely post, Jane! I can only imagine what a wonderful heart-filling moment that was for your family. Thanks for sharing it. (((Hugs)))

    Debbie K.

  2. Go Cam!!! That is so encouraging!!!