Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well - Did he know it was Christmas?

I thought I should try and answer my question - Does he know it's Christmas?

The short answer - No.

The contemplated, thought out answer - I don't think so.

Cameron slept in on Christmas morning until almost 11.20am. So I guess we can cross off waking up early with excited anticipation, he definitely didn't do that.

We knew Cameron was awake because we heard his CD player start. So he didn't dash out the door to see if Santa had come - no excited realization that it was Christmas.

My Marvellous Man showered and dressed Cameron and at this point you would expect him to appear in the lounge room full of expectation but no, he was again distracted by something else and had to be directed to the lounge room.

By this hour of the day we had all fully investigated our stockings and what Santa had brought us. (Yes - us means all of us - Don't you leave a stocking out for Santa?) Cameron's stocking was sitting untouched driving My Little Angel crazy with wonder.

Cameron wandered into the lounge room and took in the changes, My Little Angel dragged him across to his stocking and encouraged him to take a look. MMM and I made lots of  "Oh, Wow, look!!!" comments to get Cameron excited and draw attention to things straight in front of him. He went straight past the rather large CD/DVD player and picked up the Christmas book that plays music. This was something he recognized and understood what it did.

MLA couldn't wait so she whole heartedly encouraged Cameron to look inside his stocking. He picked it up and shock it until all the contents were out. He picked up a few things with a quizzical look and then returned to the Christmas book.

As the day went on Cameron loved the food he ate and the people he spent the day with. The Christmas book from Santa, I think, was his favourite gift (he didn't really put it down) but he has also enjoyed his new Wiggles and Playschool DVD's that My Little Angel gave him, on his CD/DVD player that Santa gave him.

I think, looking at all the evidence, I would have to conclude that Cameron did not know that it was Christmas but he had a great day. I wonder what he did think about the day?


  1. I am delighted that Cameron had a good day, isn't that what we all want for our children? And it sounds a though the whole family had a Happy Christmas too xx

  2. Yes, Looking for Blue Sky, we had a lovely day and Cameron did enjoy himself.

  3. I'm glad Cameron enjoyed his day, Jane. I love that photo of Cameron and your daughter; it's just the way they are looking at each other. Really good!

  4. Thanks Trevor. The kids do have a special bond which is beautiful.