Sunday, 1 January 2012

Special Saturday - 2011 Memories/2012 Resolutions

Well, 2011 has certainly been an interesting year for Cameron.

Cameron has stayed seizure free all year which is very exciting, Strangely it didn't mean a stress free year for My Marvellous Man and myself because there was a sense of suspense while waiting for the big one. Cameron's seizures have scarred us deeply.

At school this year Cameron went to work experience which was more of a social outing for Cameron than work experience.

The one student he had shared a classroom and at times desk with for seven years was moved to another classroom in 2011 - the good news is they will be back together again for 2012. It will be her last year at school so I am really pleased they get to share her final year together.They ignored each other for the first term of school, we think they both blamed the other for abandoning them.

2011 saw Cameron spend a lot of time at the Perth Dance Company while My Little Angel danced. Cameron settled in so much I could leave the room in the knowledge he was safe and happy. He made lots of new friends with the other parents  and I know he is going to disappointed in 2012 when he realizes some of them are no longer waiting for him at dancing.

2011 will always be remembered as the year we made our big new discovery - The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. This discovery has changed our lives. Cameron is now accessing new technology that is only four years old and we are able to see exactly what his brain is and isn't doing and why, He is receiving very specific therapy targeting specific areas of his brain and we are seeing changes and improvements. It is really exciting.

This brings us to 2012 and what the future holds. I can honestly say I have no idea. Cameron is changing so much that my brain is starting to imagine all kinds of things but at the same time I am still extremely cautious and protective of my emotions because I don't want to be devastated if I get too excited and then my dreams don't come true.

So what is my resolution for 2012 for Cameron? I think it is to let Cameron be Cameron. Let him develop at the rate he needs to develop with lots of support and love. Continue with The Institute of Functional Neuroscience and be open to everything it brings. If he starts to talk you may hear my screams of excitement from here but if he doesn't that is alright, Cameron is very good at letting me know how much he loves me and most of what he needs.

Some things don't change no matter what the date of the year is. I will always be grateful that Cameron is still with us and grateful for everything that he can do. I will continue to strive to give Cameron the best life we can offer him and help him to live the best life he can give himself.

I don't know what Cameron wants but I am pretty sure he just wants to be loved with a side dose of Wiggles, Playschool and lots of hugs.

I wonder how Cameron would sum up his year?


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  1. I think that is a great resolution, maybe one all parents should make :)