Thursday, 26 January 2012

I Can 100% Guarantee That No Weed Will Grow in our Front Entrance

The summer heat has truly hit here in Perth (Australia) over the last week. It got so bad yesterday that the kids bedrooms felt like saunas and we decided everyone should sleep in our bedroom where our only working air conditioner is. We've been basically living in our bedroom for the last week, the bed has been our lounge chair and there's been lots of togetherness happening.

Today it was 41 degrees, although when we came home at lunchtime the car said it was hotter. We bunked down in the bedroom with the air conditioner, the TV and anything else anyone wanted to keep occupied. The air con struggled but it was better than anywhere else. Cameron wandered off occasionally but he always came back because it was just too hot.

He wandered off just before dinner time and we presumed he'd come back - he did - holding a spray pack of weed killer. We quickly retrieved the poisonous item and went to see how he'd got it because there isn't any in the house. I then discovered the front door wide open letting all the heat in - fabulous. As I went to close it some thing struck me as odd and then the reality of the situation struck home. Cameron had sprayed the front wire door, the front wooden door, the walls, pictures, bag hooks, umbrellas and floor with the weed killer. It was pooling at the base of the door.

My Marvellous Man quickly raced Cameron off to the bathroom and scrubbed him clean while I started the job of cleaning up, which involved hosing the front wire door. There is no chance of a weed ever growing inside my front entrance - believe me.

So how did he get his hands on a bottle of poison? Simple, a neighbour moved out today and gave us a few of their last items - including a bottle of weed killer. He had dropped in just as we were about to leave the house this morning so we put the bucket down at the front door and didn't even look to see what was in it. When we came home we were so hot we didn't give it a second glance. But bored Cameron did.

In the past this would never have been a problem for us, Cameron didn't have that kind of inquisitiveness and nor did he have the fine motor skills to use a trigger pack. Obviously he does now.

It is dawning on me more and more just how different this year is going to be. I have a giant toddler who is getting into everything and is becoming inquisitive and is developing the skills to do things for himself. I'm in trouble .......... He can reach everything!


  1. Fantastic progress... he is going to keep you on your toes!!
    Phew, and I thought it was hot here!! We are sitting around early 30's (degree Celsius), although our humidity is extremely high which notches up the temperature!

  2. If a trigger pack is what I think it might be, then I haven't still the motor skills to use them!

    (struggled with opening a vitamin container today).

    (And the varnish with which many wooden things might be covered - might be even more poisonous than the weed killer).

    2012 will indeed be a different year for you and Cam.

  3. Di - The heat has been horrid but I have survived 52 degrees when I lived in Kalgoorlie - but I didn't have children to worry about then. Humid heat is far worse than dry heat, I learnt that when we lived in the tropics.

    2012 is definitely going to be a different year Adelaide - I'm starting to get a little concerned after Cam flooded the sink, floor and himself twice in five minutes this afternoon. I think I'll be taking lots of deep breaths.