Monday, 23 January 2012

Is It A Seizure???

This morning My Little Angel told me Cameron was awake listening to music in his bedroom so I asked her to ask him to come and have a shower. We had forty five minutes to get everyone organized and out the door for Cam's Institute appointment.

She came back fairly quickly to tell me Cameron was laying on the floor. It was the way she said it that got me moving quickly. Cameron doesn't tend to lay on the floor.

He was sitting up when we got to him but it only took a second to realize he wasn't quite right but he was conscious and with me so it was alright. We sat with Cameron for at least twenty minutes and slowly his smile returned and he started to interact with us and respond.

While I sat there watching him and trying to figure out if he'd had a seizure or what? It occurred to me that this was the third time this week that we had found him laying on the floor and My Marvellous Man and myself had pressed the panic button for a few seconds the first time because Cameron didn't respond when we spoke to  him. Interestingly if these are seizures he is laying down for them not falling down. They have also started when we've become aware of how tired he has been - is that because he's having seizures or is the tiredness causing them?

Thankfully we had our Institute appointment - I needed some questions answered.

I explained what I had seen and Cameron's doctor said it could be absence seizures. But why is this happening and how could he have short seizures when he has no inhibitors to stop seizures? Well this is where we get to the good news.

If this is absent seizure activity then that tells us that Cameron's brain has improved enough to send the message to tell his brain to stop - which is really exciting. However, why is this happening in the first place?

We knew the work we are doing at the Institute could trigger seizures but it is almost three months now so the likelihood of the treatments causing seizures is unlikely. However Cameron's brain is going through enormous changes and it could be the changes triggering the seizures since he is already seizure prone. He is also incredibly tired from all the hard work his brain is doing and we also have the heat of summer so we could be looking at several factors.

We need to watch and see if Cameron has any further seizures so we can see if there are any links and if they increase or worsen. Basically we keep, keeping on with fingers crossed that his brain doesn't allow itself to go into a major seizure and hope that as things continue his brain will strengthen and cope better. It was a lovely seizure free eighteen months and I'm very grateful we had it.

Cameron's sitting here beside me as I type this, watching a Playschool DVD whilst tormenting his cat Pav, looking at a book and generally relaxing. He is a lot better this afternoon, more his usual self. This morning he was lost and confused - it's nice to have him back.


  1. Hopefully they will stop once he gets stronger, or they turn out to be unimportant. It has been hot too. At least they don't seem to be sending him backwards.

  2. No thank goodness. He's just getting so tired but bounces back and then obviously exhausts himself again. It must be hard for him. I'm going to have to be really careful and plan his weeks thoughtfully.

  3. here I was waiting with baited breath for this post and then life got away from me and I missed it. Glad to hear it could be a good sign. Hopefully they won't get any worse

  4. when my sister has full on siezures for aprox 1-2 minutes she can sleep for up to 12 hours afterwards because she is totally exhausted and it can be a couple of days before she is back to 100%.even directly after the siezurse dont ask her to make a coffee for at least half an hour, she doesnt quite get the real world for awhile.

  5. I know what you mean Peter - when Cameron has a normal seizure (for him) he is in bed for up to three days and then I keep him home for up to two weeks. It takes about a month for him to recover to whatever normal is for him at the time.

    I don't think people appreciate the true impact of seizures.

  6. I agree about people not understanding the true impact of seizures Jane. I for one was completely ignorant prior to Hugh developing epilepsy. Hope you get to the bottom of this soon and if they do turn out to be seizures that they are self limiting.

  7. Thanks Little Mamma. He hasn't had another one that I know about so fingers crossed it was just a one week thing.