Saturday, 28 January 2012

Special Saturday - What This Special Needs Parent Says - over and over and over again

Sorry - we have an appointment

Hang on - I have to check my diary

Do you accept cheques?

It's on Savings thanks

Stop hitting - she'll/he'll break

You are allowed to tell him to stop

Cameron doesn't speak

no, no, No, No, NO. NO, NO, NO !!!!!!!

Oh Yes, he understands a lot more than you realize

Has Cam had his meds?

Wiggles again? Don't you think we've watched enough Wiggles?

Oh no!!!!!!!!!


Ambulance please

We're in hospital

Shower Cam- come on - please don't yell - I'm sorry I'm not Dad

Please don't hurt your sister

Yes, he goes to school full time

Do you really think I am going to forget about your medicine - please swallow your tablets - have a drink and swallow your tablets please Cameron - Cameron, swallow your tablets.

I've developed formaphobia (I also invented a new word - but I think it's pretty accurate)

Then go to the toilet

The last I looked you didn't have a drivers licence please go and sit in the passenger seat

Get out of the car Cameron, Cameron please get out of the car, Cameron get out of the car - PLEASE

Watch the step

Good looking

Playschools on

Turn the music down.

We don't have to sit in front of the music to hear it.

We need to plug your iPad in to charge otherwise you can't use it. No, we need to plug your iPad in to charge or you can't have it later. No .........

If you want a drink then go and get one

I love the fact you get sarcasm

Yes Cameron, Yes Cameron, Yes Cameron - honey please stop telling me over and over again - Yes Cameron, Yes Cameron.

Please don't touch the buttons

We'll have to wait till Daddy gets home - Cameron's untuned the TV again

At least Cam got the joke

Put Pav down - NOT NEAR THE FAN!!!!!!!

It is very difficult to brush your teeth with your lips closed - please open your mouth

Please don't yell - I'm only trying to help

High Five

STOP! - You're hurting

Funny Cam

Not everyone wants to talk to you Cam

Hands down

Please don't touch

How many times have I told you, you can't put DVD's in your CD player.

Where's the _________ Wiggles DVD - I've got the case?

Has anyone seen Cameron's shoes?

Has anyone seen Cameron?

Cameron get out of that car - it's not ours

Hey Cam - well done

Please don't tap me

Yes, I know this is the way to Grandads

Not happy Cam

Please don't scream

That's fantastic Cam!!!!!!

Cameron, Cameron, CAMERON, CAMERON - C A M E R O N!!!!!!!!!


Oh, it's time for a hug - okay

Thank you Cam :)

I love you too

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  1. I'm impressed. Great list & some of them really made me giggle. There are a few that we use, such as 'if you want a drink then go and get one.' Never works though....

  2. love it !!!! As I read them I could hear you saying them .
    They made me smile.

  3. I"m glad you like my list. As the weekend has passed I have realized I missed some such as:

    Hands out of your pants
    Can you see what he is doing?
    Stop picking your nose
    Finger out of your nose
    Pull your t-shirt our of your shorts

    and probably the one thing I say the most

    Come on Cam