Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Therapy Update - This Week is Better

This morning we were back at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience but this time we took Grandad instead of My Little Angel. I'm sure Grandad went home with more questions than he had started with because your first time at the Institute is overwhelming and baffling.

Grandad and Cameron have a very deep bond. Grandad challenges Cameron and manages to get him to try things that others can't entice Cameron to try. On the flip side I think Cameron brings out the child hidden in Grandad - they sometimes have way too much fun together.

Last week was difficult because Cameron struggled with the new hand stimulation machine. On Monday this week he was a lot better and I sat and talked through how to manage the situation with our wonderful doctor. She popped in and saw for herself what Cameron was doing when she wasn't in the room, which helped immensely. We came up with a new plan to keep Cameron on the machine and I relaxed a lot.

Today I was much more comfortable but still needed another pair of hands. Cameron automatically points to everything with his right hand and he often gets the choice correct but if you make him use his left hand his choice is often wrong and he struggles. Aren't brains incredible things?

Today we went through the cards first and Cameron tried but it was difficult. He decided he had to sit with his legs on Grandad - I don't know why. Once we finished the cards we tried a book that Grandad had brought. It was a child's I Spy board book and it was very successful. He still wanted to use his right hand so to imprint upon him the need to use his left hand I suggested that he pointed my finger. He responded really well and with an iron grip he pointed my finger using his left hand. He got most of the choices correct which was really surprising. Towards the end he lost interest and was looking to see if the doctor was coming but all in all today was the best therapy session we have had since introducing the hand machine.

We've got a break now until Saturday which I think is just as well. Yesterday Cameron had the darkest black rings under his eyes, his brain is working so hard with all this new input. He should sleep well tonight.


  1. Grandads are awesome :) great work Cam!

  2. Grandad are Awesome - you are quite right. :)