Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Third QEEG Results

Today we received the results from Cameron's third QEEG at the Institute for Functional Neuroscience. Saying that our appointment ended with me giving Dr Beck a heartfelt hug and tears welling in my eyes may give you a hint to how it went. Sitting here now it feels a little like a dream but My Marvellous Man assures me it did happen and My Little Angel was there too.

Again we were shown the colourful pictures of Cameron's brain and again we could see the changes happening. To our uneducated brains some of the pictures didn't look as successful as last time but Dr Beck explained the changes and why the colours were the colour they were and as he talked it started to dawn on me how fantastic those little coloured brains were. Cameron is doing amazingly well. Areas of the brain that are still red are being surrounded by green and that is what you want. And those red areas are shrinking. Plus the blue areas are also shrinking - green is moving in.

Mr A who conducts the QEEG's was sitting  across from me with the biggest grin on his face throughout the whole meeting. He knows personally what this therapy can do for you and is sharing our joy.

I told Dr Beck about some of the changes we have seen in Cameron and the room was filled with smiles and excitement. Apparently sometimes the test results show change but the family sees no change. On reflection I think deep down I thought that would probably be us but I'm so excited it's not.

So with the test results discussed we moved on to discussing how Cameron's treatment would now change. Our home activities are to continue but we now present four cards to Cameron not three. And we introduce the broom handle. Yes, you read that right - broom handle.

The broom handle, like everything else, has a very specific purpose. The goal is to get Cameron to move the broom handle up and down in his left hand by moving his fingers. This will target a very specific area of his brain. Dr Beck handed Cameron the broom handle and he thought that was pretty cool. He held the handle up and down when directed but didn't move his fingers, only his arm. Dr Beck moved the handle through his hand for him so he could feel the sensation and said that would be of benefit so to start with that and within two weeks Cameron will be moving the handle by himself. I had a fleeting thought of - yeah right - and quickly dismissed it because at the moment anything seems possible.

Within 30 seconds the prediction of two weeks dropped to one week as Cameron's fingers started to move as Dr Beck moved the handle up and down between his fingers. I think my mouth may have dropped open. Mr A joked that maybe it would be half a week. At the moment I am living in so much shock that I am not dismissing anything.

So, we were instructed to visit MMM's favourite shop - Bunnings - and buy a $4.00 broom handle for Cameron to let him practice for two minute intervals throughout the day at home.

Next we moved onto another new thing that to be completely honest - I can't remember the name of. I'm sure I'll get to learn the name but for now I'll call it the hand machine.

Dr Beck explained that the hand machine would send a current through Cameron's hand and this will accelerate what is happening in Cameron's brain. Apparently this is a big step in his progress. Dr Beck and Mr A seemed a bit excited about trying this with Cameron but warned that he may not be able to tolerate it. For a split second my brain said - I don't think he'll cope with this - and then I dismissed the thought because at the moment anything is possible.

They took Cameron's left hand and placed two sticky pads with cables attached to either side. (One on each side) . Mr A linked his hand up in exactly the same way to share the experience with Cameron. Dr Beck turned the machine on and slowly turned the current up. Cameron was intrigued but I thought he would pull the pads off because he won't leave a bandaid alone until it's off ten seconds after you've put it on.

I was wrong, he sat looking at his hand and made noises and smiles to let us know he could feel the current. Mr A was able to talk to Cameron about what he was feeling. Then Dr Beck showed Cameron a book and at first just turned the pages but then he asked Cameron to find colours or animals in the pictures. Cameron pointed at something each time he was asked and when he pointed at the right picture Dr Beck celebrated with Cameron very enthusiastically that he got it right.

This didn't go for long but both Dr Beck and Mr A were very pleased with how Cameron had gone and Cameron seemed very pleased with himself. So now each session at the institute Cameron will spend time on the hand machine as well as receive the rest of his treatment. I'm looking forward to Monday to see if the rest of his treatment will change or stay the same.

After all that excitement it was decided that Cameron's brain had probably experienced enough for one day so it was decided to not give him his usual treatment. Probably just as well because he was looking a little tired when we arrived at Bunnings to buy his broom handle.

My Little Angel asked if she could have a broom handle too because she needed to demonstrate for Cameron what he needed to do. Considering how patient she has been during many hours at the institute and the fact that a broom handle costs $3.70 we decided she could have one too. (It doesn't take much to keep my children happy) So we then walked through Bunnings with me reminding my children not to swing their broom handles and to look out for other people. Miraculously we made it out without injuring anybody.

So there you have it, the results of Cameron's third QEEG and basically he is doing really, really well. I don't think anybody expected him to progress at this pace. His world is opening up and he seems to be able to finally start progressing developmentally. I can't even begin to imagine what the acceleration from the hand machine is going to result in. I think I am now beyond my dreams. Hold on to your hats for the next installment.


  1. you're making me CRY again...happy happy tears!!! Yay Cam!!!

  2. I am sooooo excited for you all!

  3. Lots of happy tears this week. The only person not crying is Cameron, he's just grinning.

  4. Yay Cam! Sam can teach you some of his Ninja stick moves!

  5. Wow cameron is doing fantastically well so so happy . I am sure there are lots of tears of happiness xx

  6. Geez thanks Vicki - what are friends for. I'm already paranoid that he'll put the stick up into the fan or hit someone with it. Maybe we could send the boys down onto the oval.

    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone. I couldn't wait to share our news with you all.

  7. Absolutely fantastic news, Jane, so happy to see the progression Cameron is making. You and your Marvellous Man must be so happy. Really looking forward to the next installment!

  8. Thanks Trevor - I will keep you posted.

  9. Great breakthrough Jane! So promising x

  10. I know Jane - it's very exciting. I'm looking forward to a very different year this year.