Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Why Cameron is No Ordinary Kid - Part 53

We arrived at Michael's parents house and of course everyone was very pleased to see us and Cameron. There were cuddles all round and then we settled in.

We moved into Michael's old bedroom which was half the size of our hospital room but we didn't have much to put into it. Thankfully the portacot had been rescued before the removallists emptied our house so at least we had a cot.

Once we were sorted it dawned on us we didn't have a highchair. Nanna babysat and we rushed out to buy a highchair but then a few more realities sunk in - Cameron couldn't sit up by himself anymore. Amazingly we found a highchair with sides that could catch his head if he lent to either side but it wouldn't hold his head up straight.

After a bit of searching we found an insert for the highchair that could hold Cameron's head upright. Between the wings,the insert and the five point harness we hoped he'd stay upright. Thankfully the highchair also tipped backwards which saved him from falling forward.

It was a strange weekend, almost unreal as if it was a dream. Michael and I were able to be a family which was so nice. Going to bed with each other and not having nurses interrupting us was lovely. We enjoyed home cooked meals and relaxed as much as possible.

We had family popping in to see Cameron  who hadn't visited us in hospital. It appeared they had been too uncomfortable to see Cameron in the hospital but comfortable to visit him at home. There was lots of cuppas and cuddles.

And then on Monday morning reality returned because Michael had to fly back to work and I had to start my new role as care giver and therapist. I was scared.


  1. I am amazed at your recollection. My early years with Nick are a complete blur! :)

  2. Sorry I didn't reply at the time but by now you've probably guessed I wasn't coping so well.

    It is amazing what my brain remembers when I start writing. It just comes back to me as if it happened yesterday, I even feel the emotions. I guess one interpretation of that could be that I'm scarred by the experience and the memories are burnt into my brain or our brain has an amazing ability to push the memories away to let us get on with life but they are still there waiting to be tapped into.