Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Life Has Completely Changed

Since I was last able to publish a blog post our life has completely changed. We have moved and now live in a very different suburb in a very different house and our daily routine is very different. In the past this would have completely thrown us all and especially Cameron but quite the opposite has happened.

Cameron was kept away from the moving process because we knew he would be under our feet, wandering off and generally not being very helpful. He lived with my parents for almost a week and my parents were exhausted when we were eventually able to take him home. They deserve a medal.

At first Cameron seemed bemused by the new home but a piece of pizza and a cold drink settled him enough to go to bed and sleep after getting up only twice. He quickly figured out where the toilet was and has used it independently a couple of times.

His bedroom is very different. He's gone from a small room to a large room which is big enough to house his toys, books, magazines and even a comfy chair to watch his DVD's. He is able to make just as big a mess in his bedroom as he used to in the family room. The advantage is we can walk through the house without tripping over everything.

A few days after Cameron moved in we visited our old house and I showed Cameron his old bedroom. He seemed puzzled as he walked through the empty house but when he looked into his old bedroom he recoiled with horror. At that point he walked out of the house and didn't want to go back in. Reality had hit and when we went home he seemed even more settled as if he now knew this was his new home.

This move has had a very calming affect on the whole family as if this was the move we were supposed to make. This home is only temporary while we build our new home and the new home will be built to accommodate our families very specific needs but this feels right.

Life was so stressful and we realized we were scared to take risks or make changes. Life had scared us and understandably so considering the number of times we thought we were losing Cameron for ever.  The fear has now lifted and life is looking pretty good after taking some big risks and making some big changes.

As I sit here in MLA's dancing studio typing this with music blaring life feels good. Cameron is settled, sleeping well and happy and I don't think life could get much better.


  1. So happy to hear that all is well. Onwards and upwards. x

  2. That is brilliant news Jane. Good luck in your new home and with your new life xxx

  3. Maybe when you build the new home you might use the thought that you have all enjoyed him having a bigger bedroom and build him one in the new home.

  4. Thanks for your comments. After writing this we all got sick and life got a little complicated for a while but it's still better than it was before we moved.

    Glenys - Cameron is going to have two rooms in the new house because we are looking to the long term future. He is going to have a bedroom and a lounge room of his own. It's hard to dress and put someone to bed when you're stepping on lego and slipping on ripped up magazines. This way we can keep the mess contained out of the general living area and his bedroom.