Friday, 26 April 2013

Cam and Sam

Some of you will remember Sam, Cam's friend. He was the one who helped Cameron climb the climbing frame and he seems to always be around when magic happens. Sam has a gentleness about him that Cameron responds to and he takes the time to wait and gently guide Cam.

This weekend our families caught up and Cameron wandered into the room Sam was in to see what he was up to. Sam had his electric guitar out and Cameron was intrigued. In the past Cameron has interacted with guitars but it has been at the risk of the guitar owner and really this time was no different.

Sam helped Cam to sit comfortably and then helped him to hold the guitar. I was in the next room watching this all unfold from a distance and it was a very calm and lovely scene to watch. Cam was excited and remaining calm. In the past he has been less than gentle in situations like this but I watched as he strummed the guitar with a grin on his face and care in his moves.

Sam stayed next to Cam but let him experience the joy of making music and be free to do what teens do.

It was another magic Cam and Sam moment that we managed to catch on film.