Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our Latest QEEG Results

Cameron having a QEEG

Yesterday we got Cameron's latest QEEG results and things are a little complicated at the moment. He is still doing really well and his brain is still improving but we've had to take a step back in his therapy because his brain didn't respond as expected to the last change in this therapy.

Cameron has been growling and whimpering during therapy sessions while he is on the stimulation machines and this shows that it has been stimulating a section of the brain that we didn't necessarily need to stimulate.

At home I had noticed that he was becoming very unbothered by life. Why should he get his shorts out of the drawer or lift his leg up so I could put his shoe on. He was becoming very lazy and expecting me to do it all for him without any desire to do it himself. He couldn't be bothered. Well it turns out this is all the same part of the brain and definitely not the outcome we were after.

We've changed his treatment plan back to how it was six weeks ago when he was going from strength to strength and hopefully his brain will respond positively.

At the same time Cameron is also coming off another of his anti seizure medications. This is so exciting and he is two reductions in and doing really well. We introduce the next drop tomorrow.

Last week I noticed Cameron repeating words we hadn't heard before such as Jess, Muzz Buzz, car park. He doesn't say them like you or I but you can tell what the words are he is trying to communicate. He is also wanting to help with household chores such as putting clothes into the washing machine, carrying shopping and drying dishes. He seems to have reached another level of consciousness - very exciting. Hopefully the next few weeks will see an even bigger awakening.

Once he is off this medication that will leave him on only one anti seizure medication and that is incredible. He has never been on only one - ever. Our dream is to have him on none.

Cameron during treatment.


  1. Cameron's progress is exciting, even though you had to go back to your original plan. It least you were able to judge by his response as to how the treatment was affecting the area in which it was focused. Onwards and upwards. x

  2. I'm loving reading about Cameron's progress, He's doing so well. Sometimes you have to take a step back to make a leap forward. It's great that you've been able to reduce his medication too. xx

  3. Hopefully it won't be long until you start to see more positive results again. He's made such huge improvements. Long may they continue. x

  4. Cameron's progress may have gone backwards but here is to that massive leap forward. Great news that you have reduced the meds. I hope you see many more great improvements, such as him repeating words back xx

  5. Thanks for your lovely supportive comments. Yesterday's therapy session didn't have as much growling so that is a positive sign, hopefully it will continue to decline.