Thursday, 22 May 2014

Babes Lost in Panto Land

Another lost blog post about Cameron's performance in Babes Lost in Panto Land with his friends at Kelete, formerly known as Stagedoor, in 2011.

Babes Lost in Panto Land
A week and a half ago Cameron's Stagedoor Special Needs Musical Theatre group had their big night.

Babes Lost in Panto Land was a production like no other filled with heart and soul and so many princesses that I lost count.

Cameron was one of the Lost Babes and he embraced the role beautifully whilst looking quite dashing and lost all at the same time.

Cameron as a Lost Babe
The show had a mean Witch, a fabulous Buttons, Princesses, Princes and a Genie. It is only fair to say that Buttons stole the show.

Cameron got lost in the first scene and found in the last scene where all the characters came together to dance. Cameron preferred the standing still method for his dancing. Then they all sang Lets Fly a Kite and Cameron thoroughly enjoyed joining in with his tenor note whenever he could.

It was an incredibly uplifting performance by people who find the basics of life challenging. Not everyone remembered their lines, in fact some people forgot all their lines but every time someone walked on to the stage the audience enthusiastically showed their support and when they left the stage the audience very enthusiastically showed their appreciation for their performance.

There was lots of prompting, carers on the stage helping and assistants on the side helping wherever needed and they added to the wonderful experience that made you cry with joy and pride and laugh at the comedy and slip ups.

Cameron thoroughly enjoyed his moment in the spotlight and was back at Stagedoor three days later to join his friends again.

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