Friday, 30 May 2014

Do You Think He Has Special Needs?

Cameron 17yrs old
I don't consider my son special in the sense that the term Special Needs means. He is special in exactly the same way my daughter is special. I always say My children are beautiful because I only make beautiful children and I love them beyond any descriptive word in the English language.They are special because they are my children, members of our family and everyone is special in our family.

My son needs to be loved, nurtured, supported and understood just like everybody else does so how does that make him special. He does have different needs. He needs us to look after his daily needs and nurture him more than someone his age would be normally nurtured but does that make him special?

I do think my son is special but not because he has Special Needs. I think my son is special because of the way he touches people. He makes an impression on total strangers. He touches people's hearts and he makes people smile. People are drawn to him and always have been. There is something mysterious and special about my son and I can't explain it but I know it's not because he has Special Needs, it's something he was born with, a special something.

If I could change something in this world I would get rid of the term Special Needs and replace it with Different Needs because I think everyone has special needs but some people have Different Needs and my son is one of them .

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